Simen Markussen



PhD Economics, University of Oslo, 2010

Research Interests

Labour economics, program evaluation, social insurance programs, empirical methods, health

Curriculum Vitae




 Only active projects
Project ID:Title:Eksternal ref:
1122Evaluation of the effect of the welfare system reform: labour correction179326
1134A viable welfare state
1137The corona crisis and its economic consequences316475
1138Nordic comparative micro-data laboratory for analyses of common shocks: The case of Covid19325356
1172Social Insurance and Labor Market Inclusion in Norway202513
1174Hooks for change? Family and employment as pathways to social inclusion among crime-prone individuals202453
1175Working life after the Norwegian pension reform220746
1177Understanding retirement decisions238203
1178Egalitarianism under pressure? New perspectives on inequality and social cohesion236992
1179Ethnic segregation in schools and neighbourhoods236793
1183Principles under pressure? A study of governmental crisis management324615
1191The decline in employment and the rise of its social gradient280350/GE
1308Evaluation of a Norwegian qualification program
1327Utvikling av et forsøk med stipend1650krbe
1330Effects of vocational rehabilitation programsProsjekt 70203
1331Labor market participation among disabled persons
1334Social insurance fraud
1343Impact of the pension reform
1376Unemployment in disguiseASD1735
1377ASD 1735/ 60016/ 17/ 3012 ANN
1378Atferd og bærekraft i et nytt pensjonssystem18/1025
1421Distributional effects of conditionality in welfare assistance policyNAV 16/2314
1495Økonomiske insentiver i introduksjonsprogrammet
1670Disadvantaged in the housing market: Effects of public interventions258923
1671New causal evidence on the effects of activation- and workplace intervention policies for reducing sickness absence259512
1672Sustaining the welfare and working life model in a diversified society270772
1673Inequality and social sustainability of the Norwegian pensjon system after the reform270875
1676Intergenerational Mobility and Labor Market Inclusion300917
1678Alternative Work Arrangements and Worker Welfare314267
1771Prosjekt 70310, sak 19/2811, ref ASD1147
1777Pensjonssystemet og et langt arbeidslivSak 22/1932
2107Oslo Fiscal Studies - A Centre for Empirical Research in Public Finance267428
3149Security of supply in a green power market - The challenges and opportunities of intermittent power243626
3195Successful Workforce Transitions in a fast-CHanging labor market300891
4116Incentives, Efficiency and Quality of Care in Long Term Care For The Elderly256570
4117Effects of Child Welfare Services288813
4119Fee-for-service funding of primary care: Adverse side effects for patients and society?303583
4133Absenteeism - Disability, Norms and Interventions201416
4134Disentangling absence patterns227103
4152Controversies in Psychiatry: Coercive measures and medicationNFR 326407
4330Norms and priorities of sickness absenceSAK 13/3117
4421Shift work and sick leaveMAB2821
4821Children, youth and families in the child welfare services2018/51758-24 Arkivkode 040.3.
6513Entrepreneurship and Gender in Norway - Entrepreneurship, Gender, and Social capital201336
8391Wealth taxNFD6974

Selected Publications


Scientific Journal

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Hernæs, Øystein, Simen Markussen, Snorre Kverndokk, Henning ØienKun etter behov? Tilgangen til pleie- og omsorgstjenester og betydningen av helse, familiesituasjon og sosioøkonomisk status2022Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning Forthcoming
Kotsadam, Andreas, Karen E. Hauge, Simen Markussen, Matteo AlpinoEffects of Dialogue Meetings on Sickness Absence - Evidence from a Large Field Experiment2022Journal of Health Economics Forthcoming
Widding-Havneraas, Tarjei; Simen Markussen; Felix Elwert; Ingvild Lyhmann; Ingvar Bjelland; Anne Halmøy; Ashmita Chaulagain; Eivind Ystrøm; Arnstein Mykletun; Henrik Daae ZachrissonGeographical variation in ADHD: Do diagnoses reflect symptom levels?2022European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Forthcoming
Ulvestad, Marte E.S., Simen MarkussenBorn or bred? The roles of nature and nurture for intergenerational persistence in labour market outcomes2022Journal of Population Economics Online[DOI]
Widding-Havneraas, Tarhei, Arnstein Mykletun, Henrik Daae Zachrisson, Felix Elwert, Simen Markussen, Ashmita Chaulagain, Ingvild Lyhmann, David McdaidPreference-based instrumental variables in health research rely on important and underreported assumptions: a systematic review2021Journal of Clinical Epidemiology Vol 139, 269-278[PDF] [DOI]
Andersen, Asbjørn Goul, Simen Markussen, Knut RøedPension Reform and the Efficiency-Equity Trade-Off Impacts of Removing an Early Retirement Subsidy2021Labour Economics Vol 72, 102050[PDF] [DOI]
Hoen, Maria, Simen Markussen, Knut RøedImmigration and Economic Mobility2021Journal of Population Economics [PDF] [DOI]
Mykletun, Arnstein, Tarjei Widding-Havneraas, Ashmita Chaulagain, Ingvild Lyhmann, Ingvar Bjelland, Anne Halmøy,Felix Elwert, Peter Butterworth, Simen Markussen, Henrik Daae Zachrisson, Knut RypdalCausal modelling of variation in clinical practice and long-term outcomes of ADHD using Norwegian registry data: the ADHD controversy project2021BMJ Open 2021;11:e041698[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, Simen and Knut RøedEconomic mobility under pressure2020Journal of the European Economic Association Vol 18(4), 1844-1885[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, Simen and Marte StrømChildren and labor market outcomes: separating the effects of the first three children2020Journal of Population Economics [PDF] [DOI]
Bratsberg, Bernt, Øystein Hernaes, Simen Markussen, Oddbjørn Raaum, Knut RøedWelfare Activation and Youth Crime2019The Review of Economics and Statistics 101(4): 561-574.[PDF] [DOI]
Laun, Tobias, Simen Markussen, Trond C. Vigtel and Johanna WalleniusHealth, Longevity and Pension Reform2019Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Vol 103, 123-157[PDF] [DOI]
Andersen, Asbjørn Goul, Simen Markussen, Knut RøedLocal Labor Demand and Participation in Social Insurance Programs2019Labour Economics vol 61[PDF] [DOI]
Hernæs, Øystein M., Simen Markussen, Knut RøedTelevision, Cognitive Ability, and High School Completion2019The Journal of Human Resources vol 54(2), 371-400[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, Simen, Knut Røed, Ragnhild C. SchreinerCan compulsory dialogs nudge sick-listed workers back to work?2018Economic Journal 128(610), 1276-1303[DOI]
Cools, Sara, Simen Markussen and Marte StrømChildren and Careers: How Family Size Affects Parents’ Labor Market Outcomes in the Long Run2017Demography Vol 54(5), 1773-1793[PDF] [DOI]
Hernæs, Øystein, Simen Markussen and Knut RøedCan Welfare Conditionality Combat High School Dropout?2017Labour Economics [PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, Simen and Knut RøedThe market for paid sick leave2017Journal of Health Economics [PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, Simen and Knut RøedThe Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship - The Role of Peer Effects2017Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Vol 134, 356-373[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, Simen and Knut RøedLeaving Poverty Behind? - The Effects of Generous Income Support Paired with Activation2016American Economic Journal: Economic Policy Vol 8 (1), 180-211[PDF]
Hernæs, Erik, Simen Markussen, John Piggott, Knut RøedPension reform and labor supply2016Journal of Public Economics Vol 142, 39-55.[PDF] [DOI]
Markusen, Simen og Knut RøedSocial Insurance Networks2015The Journal of Human Resources Vol 50(4), 1081-1113[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, Simen and Knut RøedDaylight and absenteeism - Evidence from Norway2015Economics and Human Biology vol 16, 73-80[PDF]
Fevang, Elisabeth, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedThe Sick Pay Trap2014Journal of Labor Economics 32(2), 305-336[PDF]
Markussen, Simen and Knut RøedThe Impacts of Vocational Rehabilitation2014Labour Economics vol 31, 1-13[PDF]
Biørn, Erik, Simen Gaure, Simen Markussen and Knut RøedThe Rise in Absenteeism: Disentangling the Impacts of Cohort, Age and Time2013Journal of Population Economics Vol 26(4), 1585-1608[PDF]
Markussen, Simen, Knut Røed and Ole RøgebergThe changing of the guards - can family doctors contain worker absenteeism?2013Journal of Health Economics Vol 32(6), 1230-1239[PDF] [DOI]
Hernæs, Erik, Simen Markussen, John Piggott, Ola VestadDoes Retirement Age Impact Mortality?2013Journal of Health Economics Vol 32(3),586-598[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, SimenThe individual cost of sick leave2012Journal of Population Economics Vol 25(4), 1287-1306[PDF]
Markussen, Simen og Ole RøgebergSykefravær rundt større livshendelser2012Tidsskriftet Den norske legeforening Vol 132(10), 1231-1234[PDF]
Markussen, Simen, Arnstein Mykletun, Knut RøedThe Case for Presenteeism - Evidence from Norway’s Sickness Insurance Program2012Journal of Public Economics Vol 96(11-12), 959-972[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, S., K. Røed, O. Røgeberg and S. GaureThe Anatomy of Absenteeism2011Journal of Health Economics Vol 30(2), 277-292[DOI]
Markussen, SimenHow the left prospers from prosperity2008European Journal of Political Economy Vol 24/2 pp 329-342[PDF] [DOI]
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Book chapter

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Markussen, Simen og Knut RøedUlikhet og sosial mobilitet2016Kapittel 17 i Frønes og Kjølsrød: «Det norske samfunn», 7. utgave, Gyldendal Akademiske forlag.
Markussen, S. og K. RøedMot en mer evidensbasert arbeids- og velferdspolitikk?2013Arbeidsdepartementet 100 år, festskrift, Hege Forbord (Red)
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This series is published by the Department of Economics, University of Oslo, in cooperation with the Frisch Centre. The list below only contains those memoranda written in connection with projects at the Frisch Centre. A complete list of memoranda is found at

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Markussen, Simen og Marte StrømThe effects of motherhood2015No. 19[PDF]
Hernæs, Erik, Simen Markussen, John Piggott and Ola L. VestadDoes Retirement Age Impact Mortality?2012No. 19[PDF]
Markussen, SimenThe Effects of Sick-Leaves on Earnings2009No. 20[PDF]
Markussen, SimenClosing the Gates? Evidence from a Natural Experiment on Physicians’ Sickness Certification2009No. 19[PDF]
Markussen, SimenTrade-offs between health and absenteeism: striking the balance2007No. 19[PDF]
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Frisch Report

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Alstadsæter, Anette, Bernt Bratsberg, Simen Markussen, Oddbjørn Raaum, and Knut RøedThe Social Gradient in Employment Loss during COVID-192022No. 1[PDF]
Drange, Nina, Øystein M. Hernæs, Simen Markussen, Inger Oterholm, Oddbjørn Raaum, Tor SlettebøRapport Delprosjekt 1: Beskrivende analyser – barn og familier i barnevernet2021No. 4[PDF]
Berg, Helene, Karen E. Hauge, Simen Markussen, Tao ZhangSupported Employment eller «vanlig» oppfølging? Resultater fra et stort randomisert forsøk i NAV2021No. 2[PDF]
Hauge, Karen Evelyn og Simen MarkussenEarly intervention in temporary DI: A randomized natural field experiment reducing waiting time in vocational rehabilitation.2021No. 1[PDF]
Fevang, Elisabeth, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedGråsoner i arbeidsmarkedet og størrelsen på arbeidskraftreserven2020No. 1[PDF]
Fevang, Elisabeth, Simen Markussen, Knut Røed og Trond Christian VigtelBevegelser inn i, mellom og ut av NAVs ytelser2016No. 2[PDF]
Hernæs, Øystein, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedKompensasjonsgrader i inntektssikringssystemet for personer med svak tilknytning til arbeidsmarkedet2016No. 1[PDF]
Hauge, Karen, Simen Markussen, Oddbjørn Raaum og Marte UlvestadKan kjønnsforskjellen i sykefravær forklares av holdninger, normer og preferanser?2015No. 1[PDF]
Ragnhild C. Schreiner, Simen Markussen, Knut RøedSysselsetting blant funksjonshemmede2014No. 2[PDF]
Fevang, Elisabeth, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedTil, fra og mellom inntektssikringsordninger - før og etter NAV2013No. 1[PDF]
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Other journals

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Bratsberg, Bernt, Gaute Eielsen, Simen Markussen, Oddbjørn Raaum, Knut Røed, Trond VigtelKoronakrisens første uker - hvem tok støyten i arbeidslivet2020Samfunnsøkonomen Vol 134(2), 41-50[PDF]
Markussen, Simen og Knut RøedBidrar medikalisering av ungdom til utstøtning fra skole og arbeidsliv?2020Søkelys på arbeidslivet Vol 37(4), 219-237[PDF] [DOI]
Hernæs, Øystein, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedØkende inntektssegregering i norske byregioner2020Tidsskrift for boligforskning Temanummer "Storbyen for alle" Vol 3(2), 111-129[PDF] [DOI]
Hoen, Maria Forthun, Simen Markussen, Knut RøedInnvandring og sosial mobilitet. Svar til kritikerne2019Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning Vol 60(3), 309-320[PDF]
Markussen, Simen og Knut RøedEn ny og smartere sykelønnsordning?2018Samfunnsøkonomen Nr 1, 13-22[PDF]
Markussen, Simen, Marte E. Ulvestad, Oddbjørn Raaum, Karen E. HaugeKan kjønnsforskjellen i sykefravær forklares av holdninger, normer og preferanser?2015Søkelys på arbeidslivet Årgang 32 Nr 4 2015 s298[PDF]
Markussen, Simen, Marte Strøm, Sara CoolsMenns og kvinners sykefravær: Hvilken rolle spiller antall barn?2015Søkelys på arbeidslivet Nr 4, 325-343[PDF]
Fevang, Elisabeth, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedNAV-reformen: Støvet legger seg etter en turbulent omstilling2014Søkelys på arbeidslivet nr 1-2, 83-98[PDF]
Fevang, E., S. Markussen, K. RøedSykepengefellen2013Samfunnsøkonomen Nr 9, 19-20
Holden, Steinar, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedArbeid til alle?2012Samfunnsøkonomen Nr. 9, 92-104[PDF]
Markussen, Simen og Knut RøedSykefraværets anatomi2012Samfunnsøkonomen Nr. 3, 32-33
Markussen, Simen og Ragnhild C. SchreinerNAV-reform: Færre i arbeid og lenger på trygd2012Søkelys på arbeidslivet nr 1-2[PDF]
Markussen, SimenMer av det samme - kommentar til statsbudsjettet2011Samfunnsøkonomen nr 8
Bergsvik, Daniel, Simen Markussen og Oddbjørn RaaumTok en tredagers? - Mønstre i egenmeldt sykefravær2010Søkelys på arbeidslivet vol 27(4), 379-395[PDF]
Dale-Olsen, H. og S. MarkussenØkende sykefravær over tid? Sykefravær, arbeid og trygd 1972-20082010Søkelys på arbeidslivet 27(1/2), 105-121[PDF]
Markussen, Simen2004: Da sykefraværet falt som en stein2010Samfunnsøkonomen Nr 3, 18-23[PDF]
Markussen, SimenVelferdsstatens barn: en gjeng latsabber?2008RØST RØST Helse 1
Markussen, SimenØkonomisk sykefraværsforskning: hva vet vi og hvor bør vi gå?2007Søkelys på arbeidslivet Nr 1, årgang 24, s. 63-81[PDF]
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Other publications

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Alstadsæter, A., Bratsberg, B., Eielsen, G., Kopczuk, W., Markussen, S., Raaum, O., K. RøedThe first weeks of the coronavirus crisis: Who got hit, when and why? Evidence from Norway2020Covid Economics 15, 63-77[PDF]
Bjørneby, Marie, Simen Markussen, Knut RøedDoes the Wealth Tax Kill Jobs?2020IZA Discussion paper no. 13766[PDF]
Bratsberg, Bernt, Simen Markussen, Oddbjørn Raaum, Knut Røed, Ole J. RøgebergTrends in Assortative Mating and Offspring Outcomes2018IZA DP No. 11753[PDF]
Bratsberg, Bernt, Øystein Hernaes, Simen Markussen, Oddbjørn Raaum, Knut RøedWelfare Activation and Youth Crime2018IZA DP No. 11719[PDF]
Markussen, Simen og Knut RøedThe Golden Middle Class Neighborhood: Trends in Residential Segregation and Consequences for Offspring Outcomes2018IZA discussion paper no 11684[PDF]
Laun, Tobias, Simen Markussen, Trond C. Vigtel and Johanna WalleniusHealth, Longevity and Pension Reform2018Working Paper 2018:9, Department of Economics, Uppsala University[PDF]
Hoen, Maria F., Simen Markussen, Knut RøedImmigration and Social Mobility2018IZA Discussion Paper No. 11904[PDF]
Markussen, Simen og Knut RøedEgalitarianism under Pressure: Toward Lower Economic Mobility in the Knowledge Economy?2017IZA discussion paper no 10664[PDF]
Hernæs, Øystein, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedTelevision, Cognitive Ability, and High School Completion2016IZA Discussion paper no 9645[PDF]
Markussen, S., K. RøedThe Market for Paid Sick Leave2016IZA Discussion Paper no. 9825[PDF]
Markussen, S., K. RøedGendered Entrepreneurship Netw[R]orks2016IZA Discussion Paper no. 9984[PDF]
Markussen, SimenHvordan sikre jobb til alle i fremtiden?2016[PDF]
Markussen, Simen and Knut RøedGendered Entrepreneurship Networks2016IZA Discussion Paper No. 9984[PDF]
Hernæs, Øystein, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedCan Welfare Conditionality Combat High School Dropout?2016IZA Discussion paper no 9644[PDF]
Hernæs, E., S. Markussen, J. Piggott and K. RøedPension Reform and Labor Supply: Flexibility vs. Prescription2015IZA Discussion paper no 8812[PDF]
Markussen, S., K. Røed, R.C. SchreinerCan Compulsory Dialogues Nudge Sick-Listed Workers Back to Work?2015IZA Discussion Paper 9090[PDF]
Markussen, S. and K. RøedThe Impacts of Vocational Rehabilitation2014IZA Discussion paper no 7892[PDF]
Markussen, S. and K. RøedLeaving Poverty Behind? The Effects of Generous Income Support Paired with Activation2014IZA Discussion paper no 8245[PDF]
Markussen, S., K. RøedMot en mer evidensbasert arbeids- og velferdspolitikk?2013Kapittel i Hege Forbord (Red.): «Arbeidsdepartementet 100 år» (festskrift), 225-250.
Markussen, Simen, Ole Røgeberg, og Knut RøedThe Changing of the Guards: Can Physicians Contain Social Insurance Costs?2013IZA Discussion Paper no 7122[PDF]
Hernæs, Erik, Simen Markussen, John Piggott, Ola VestadDoes Retirement Age Impact Mortality?2012Cepar working paper 2012/18[PDF]
Markussen, SimenStor galskap2012[PDF]
Markussen, SimenMeningen med livet2012[PDF]
Markussen, SimenGlobaliseringen gjør oss likere2012[PDF]
Markussen, SimenKan SV lære av Bush i skolepolitikken?2012[PDF]
Markussen, SimenMor Teresa i Vegas2012[PDF]
Markussen, SimenÅ se sannheten i øynene2012[PDF]
Markussen, Simen"Harrytrygd"2012[PDF]
Markussen, SimenSpin-vill offentlig kommunikasjon2012[PDF]
Markussen, Simen og Knut RøedSocial Insurance Networks2012IZA Discussion paper no 6446[PDF]
Fevang, Elisabeth, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedThe Sick Pay Trap2011IZA Discussion paper no 5655[PDF]
Biørn, Erik, Simen Gaure, Simen Markussen and Knut RøedThe Rise in Absenteeism: Disentangling the Impacts of Cohort, Age and Time2010IZA DP No. 5091[PDF]
Markussen, SimenThe individual cost of sick leave2010[PDF]
Markussen, SimenInsentiver reduserer fraværet2010Minerva [PDF]
Markussen, SimenThe discretionary nature of sick leave2010[PDF]
Markussen, SimenSYKEFRAVÆR I NORGE - Fakta og synspunkter2010[PDF]
Markussen, SimenHealth and sick leave - policy makers' trade-offs2010[PDF]
Markussen, SimenForslag som kan få ned sykefraværet2010Artikkelen var trykket i Dagens Næringsliv Januar 2010[PDF]
Markussen, Simen, Arnstein Mykletun and Knut RøedThe Case for Presenteeism2010IZA DP No. 5343[PDF]
Markussen, SimenHow physicians can reduce sick leave - evidence from a natural experiment2009[PDF]
Markussen, Simen, Knut Røed, Ole J. Røgeberg og Simen GaureThe Anatomy of Absenteeism2009IZA DP No. 4240[PDF]
Markussen, SimenInnholdsfortegnelse på lotterier2007VG 22.oktober 2007[PDF]
Markussen, SimenIkke gi de marginale skylda2007Aftenposten 9.10.07[PDF]
Markussen, SimenEn krone spart er en krone tjent2006Aftenposten 20.04.2006[PDF]
Markussen, SimenNorge går så det suser - derfor vinner venstresiden valget2005Aftenposten 07.09.2005[PDF]
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