Research themes

Labour market, welfare and education

Unemployment, education and income, pension and welfare, sickleaves

Public sector and health

Productivity and health economics

Energy and environment

International environment treaties, moral action, energy and environmental policies


Development economics, research and innovation, industrial relations

Advertisement: Postdoctoral fellow

Postdoctoral fellow within Empirical Public Economics

Interested in inequality, taxes, and the effects of the covid-19 induced economic crisis, and would like to work with some of the worlds’ best administrative register data? We now have an open position at Skatteforsk – Centre for Tax Research at NMBU.

NMBU and Frischsenter

This project is administered by NMBU and is a cooperation between national and international institutions, involving tax and labour researchers at the top of their field. The main project partner is The Frisch Centre. The main workplace for the postdoc will be at NMBU, but there is possibility for the postdoc to sit part time at The Frisch Centre in Oslo or go on research visits abroad.

Application deadline: 20.05.2021

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