Only active projects
Number:Name:Project manager:
1001Public basic funding for research institutesSverre A. C. Kittelsen
1101Qualifications, education, and productivityErik Hernæs
1102KINA: Towards a viable social welfare system and a sustainable economic development of ChinaTao Zhang
1103Assimilation and business cycle effects on immigrant earningsOddbjørn Raaum
1104Returns to education in NorwayOddbjørn Raaum
1105Adult Learning, Vocational Skills and Labour Market OutcomesOddbjørn Raaum
1106Long term effects of school interventionsOddbjørn Raaum
1110Equality, Social Organization, and PerformanceErik Hernæs
1111R&D, Trade, Productivity and InequalityOddbjørn Raaum
1114Determined to succeed? Maturation, motivation and gender gaps in educational achievementAndreas Kotsadam
1120Summary Report - Research Program on "Employment and the Labor Market"Bernt Bratsberg
1122Evaluation of the effect of the welfare system reform: labour correctionSimen Markussen
1131Social background, early unemployment experiences and marginalisationOddbjørn Raaum
1132Labour force participation among the elderly and the finances of the pension systemSteinar Strøm
1133Working life and welfare of the elderlyErik Hernæs
1134A viable welfare stateErik Hernæs
1135The public long term care and its effect on labour market participation for elderly workersSnorre Kverndokk
1136New Evaluation of intensified labour market programs for social benefit clientsTao Zhang
1141Household production and taxation: a theoretical and empirical analysisJon Strand
1142Income tax, equality and efficiencyKnut Røed
1143Evaluation of tax reforms 1992, labor supply effectsSteinar Strøm
1144Tax reform of 1992Steinar Strøm
1145Evaluation of tax reforms in Norway: A dynamic analysis of household behaviorSteinar Strøm
1148Taxation and Labor SupplySteinar Strøm
1149Oslo Fiscal Studies - a Centre for Public EconomicsOddbjørn Raaum
1150Labor market participationOddbjørn Raaum
1151Mobilizing labour force participationKnut Røed
1152From centralized bargaining to individualized pay?Bernt Bratsberg
1153ABU 2002Bernt Bratsberg
1154Employee involvement, skill upgrading, and pay - in new work organizationsBernt Bratsberg
1155Tougher demands? Cognitive skills and labor market participationBernt Bratsberg
1156Labour market exclusionKnut Røed
1157Immigrants and policiesTao Zhang
1158Wage effects of immigrationBernt Bratsberg
1159Changing workBernt Bratsberg
1161Return migration among immigrants in NorwayBernt Bratsberg
1162Does immigration "grease the wheels" of regional labor markets?Bernt Bratsberg
1163MacroheterogeneitySimen Markussen
1171Student achievement: Social background and schools Oddbjørn Raaum
1172Social Insurance and Labor Market Inclusion in NorwayKnut Røed
1173Work Life Challenges - workforce management and worker involvement solutionsBernt Bratsberg
1174Hooks for change? Family and employment as pathways to social inclusion among crime-prone individualsOddbjørn Raaum
1175Working life after the Norwegian pension reformErik Hernæs
1176 Pensions and labour supply - literature reviewErik Hernæs
1177Understanding retirement decisionsSimen Markussen
1178Egalitarianism under pressure? New perspectives on inequality and social cohesionKnut Røed
1179Ethnic segregation in schools and neighbourhoodsSimen Markussen
1181Activation and social insuranceKnut Røed
1182European StrainsOddbjørn Raaum
1190Striving for excellence, learning to cope? -Employer strategies for anaging sick leaves and employee health over the decadesBernt Bratsberg
1191The decline in employment and the rise of its social gradientKnut Røed
1201The companies employment strategies, wage formation and labour market flexibilityKalle Moene
1202Pension schemes, work activity and retirement behaviourSteinar Strøm
1203Sorting, exposed groups and labour market programmesKnut Røed
1211Inequality of opportunity and socio-economic outcomes from an intergenerational perspectiveOddbjørn Raaum
1212Unemployment insurance in the Nordic contriesKnut Røed
1213Education, family background and labour market success: A Nordic study of siblingsOddbjørn Raaum
1214NORWELLBernt Bratsberg
1221The Ageing PopulationSteinar Strøm
1222NORFACEBernt Bratsberg
1223Globalisation, Institutions and the Welfare StateBernt Bratsberg
1231Empowerment and jobs: Impacts on partner violence against women in EthiopiaAndreas Kotsadam
1301Income tax and wage formationKnut Røed
1302Incomes policies and unemploymentKnut Røed
1303Value added tax and distortions in public sector behaviour: Alternative approachesVidar Christiansen
1304Labour Supply During a Sustained BoomKnut Røed
1305The event history of social insurance spellsKnut Røed
1306Occupational pensions and labour market mobilityErik Hernæs
1307Strategic centre programme on pension researchErik Hernæs
1308Evaluation of a Norwegian qualification program Simen Markussen
1310Income securityTao Zhang
1311Turning Labour Market Program Evaluation to Practical UseKnut Røed
1312Unemployment transitionsKnut Røed
1313The distribution and mobility of incomeRolf Aaberge
1314Transitions between different Social Security benefitsKnut Røed
1315Underemployment and part-time workOddbjørn Raaum
1316Total taxes on labour earningsKnut Røed
1317Analysis of Employment Office's training program using register dataTao Zhang
1318Analysis of youth guarantee program using register dataTao Zhang
1319Earnings inequality and pensionsErik Hernæs
1321Interpreting indicators in "Skoleporten"Oddbjørn Raaum
1322Resources in primary and secondary educationOddbjørn Raaum
1323Statistics and indicator developmentsOddbjørn Raaum
1324Drop-outs from secondary educationOddbjørn Raaum
1325Long-term labor force participation among various immigrant groups in NorwayBernt Bratsberg
13260Oddbjørn Raaum
1330Effects of vocational rehabilitation programsSimen Markussen
1331Labor market participation among disabled personsSimen Markussen
1332Effects of labour market training programmes in non-sheltered environmentsTao Zhang
1333Immigrants Want Work: Do Labour Market Programmes Help?Tao Zhang
1334Social insurance fraudSimen Markussen
1335Immigrant Employment ProfilesOddbjørn Raaum
1336A comparative analysis of Nordic countries' policies to include vulnerable youth in the employmentTao Zhang
1337Longterm UnemploymentNina Skrove Falch
1338Simen Markussen
1339Simen Markussen
1341Lifecycle employment of immigrantsBernt Bratsberg
1342Oddbjørn Raaum
1343Impact of the pension reformErik Hernæs
1361nullOddbjørn Raaum
1362Is the county or state wage leader?Steinar Strøm
1370Effects of labour migrationOddbjørn Raaum
13710Simen Markussen
13720Erik Hernæs
1373Tao Zhang
1374Tao Zhang
1376Unemployment in disguiseSimen Markussen
1377Simen Markussen
1379Øystein M. Hernæs
1381Education articleOddbjørn Raaum
1382Analysis publicationOddbjørn Raaum
1383School grade statisticsOddbjørn Raaum
1391Strategic Institute Program on Labor Market and Pension ResearchBernt Bratsberg
1392Labour Migration to NorwayOddbjørn Raaum
1393Evaluation of an unemploymenet insurance reform in 2003/2004Knut Røed
1403Selection to labour market programsKnut Røed
1406Long-term Labor Market Assimilation of Immigrants in NorwayBernt Bratsberg
1411Employment, retirement behavior, and economic incentivesSteinar Strøm
1412A new business cycle indicatorKnut Røed
1421Distributional effects of conditionality in welfare assistance policyØystein M. Hernæs
14220Øystein M. Hernæs
1423Mandatory activation for welfare recipients below age 30Øystein M. Hernæs
1461Compulsory school gradesOddbjørn Raaum
1471Analysis of student performance in secondary schoolOddbjørn Raaum
1490Performance indicators across schools in OsloOddbjørn Raaum
1492Effects of subsistence requirements for family reunificationBernt Bratsberg
1493Bernt Bratsberg
1494Tao Zhang
1495Økonomiske insentiver i introduksjonsprogrammetOddbjørn Raaum
1670Disadvantaged in the housing market: Effects of public interventionsAndreas Kotsadam
1671New causal evidence on the effects of activation- and workplace intervention policies for reducing sickness absenceAndreas Kotsadam
1672Sustaining the welfare and working life model in a diversified societyOddbjørn Raaum
1673Inequality and social sustainability of the NorwegianErik Hernæs
1911EALEOddbjørn Raaum
1912Pension forumErik Hernæs
2101The conflict between efficiency and legitimacyKalle Moene
2102Quality and efficiency analysis in the public sectorFinn Førsund
2103Public or private provision?Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr
2104Tax Evasion in NorwayErling Eide
2105Survey on undeclared workTone Ognedal
2106Regulation of energy utilities and the development of new, and efficient energy sources for the futureDag Morten Dalen
2107Oslo Fiscal Studies - A Centre for Empirical Research in Public FinanceOddbjørn Raaum
2121Efficiency in construction sectorFinn Førsund
2122Evaluation of the effect of the welfare system reform: EfficiencySverre A. C. Kittelsen
2141Income Shifting and Transfer PricingJohn Christian Langli
2142Revelation of tax evasion by random auditsErling Eide
2143Tax evasion before and after the tax reform of 1992Steinar Strøm
2171Efficiency, growth and firm exitsRolf Golombek
2201Productivity in police districtsFinn Førsund
2202Efficiency analysis of the employment offices based on DEASverre A. C. Kittelsen
2204Efficiency of municipal primary careFinn Førsund
2206Analysis of efficiency in the Norwegian collegesFinn Førsund
2301Efficiency and productivity in Nordic electricity distributionLennart Hjalmarsson
2302Efficiency and productivity in Nordic bankingFinn Førsund
2321Monitoring of efficiency and productivity studies of the state collegesFinn Førsund
2341Concept - Incentive Mechanisms and contract managementDag Morten Dalen
2361Critical analysis of state resources - pilot projectFinn Førsund
2362Efficiency analysis in the public sectorFinn Førsund
2363Updated analysis of productivity in higher educationFinn Førsund
2364Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
2411Tax Evasion in NorwayErling Eide
2412Productivity Analysis in Tax AdministrationFinn Førsund
2413Productivity studies in the Norwegian Tax AdministrationFinn Førsund
2414Efficiency and productivity in the Norwegian Tax Administration: Does reorganization lead to more efficient resource utilization?Finn Førsund
2431Costs and prices in the rail networkSteinar Strøm
2441Market simulationsRolf Golombek
2442Competition in the aviationSteinar Strøm
2491How should religious communities be financed?Rolf Golombek
3100Oslo Center for Research on Environmentally friendly Energy (CREE)Rolf Golombek
3101International Environment AgreementsRolf Golombek
3102Voluntary agreements and strategic behaviourRolf Golombek
3103Environmental impacts of Norwegian gas exportRolf Golombek
3104Economic incentives effects on morally motivated environmental behaviourSnorre Kverndokk
3105Integrated energy marketsRolf Golombek
3106GassmarkedssimuleringerRolf Golombek
3110Energy and EnvironmentRolf Golombek
3111Climate policy and market integrationRolf Golombek
3112Climate treaties and technological changeSnorre Kverndokk
3113Green consumers and producersKarine Nyborg
3114External effects: Individual or public responsibility?Karine Nyborg
3115International Climate policies and induced technological changeRolf Golombek
3116Investment in the Energy IndustryRolf Golombek
3117Innovation policies versus abatement policies in a small, open economy with a climate restrictionSnorre Kverndokk
3121Enforcement of the Norwegian Pollution Control ActKarine Nyborg
3122An Empirical Analysis of the Presence of Multiple Decision-Making Frameworks in the Context of Environmentally Friendly BehaviorKjell Arne Brekke
3133Sustainable consumption, social relations and identityKjell Arne Brekke
3134Self-image and sustainabilityKarine Nyborg
3141The coal marketRolf Golombek
3142Environmental taxes in an economy with distortionary taxesMichael Hoel
3143Investment in clean energy technologies under uncertaintyRolf Golombek
3144Post Kyoto Climate Agreements and Technological InnovationRolf Golombek
3146Subsidizing R&D and installment of carbon abatement in open economicsRolf Golombek
3147Impacts of climate mitigation and energy policies on the electricity sector (ICEPS)Rolf Golombek
3148Uncertainties in the European Energy Market: Modelling Approaches and policy issuesRolf Golombek
3149Security of supply in a green power market - The challenges and opportunities of intermittent powerSverre A. C. Kittelsen
3151Liberalizing the European natural gas and electricity marketsRolf Golombek
3153CELECT - Climate change impacts in the Electricity SectorRolf Golombek
3161Efficient incentive mechanisms for introduction of renewable resources and development of transmission in deregulated power marketsFinn Førsund
3162Petroleum industry research in economics and economic managementRolf Golombek
3163Export of Natural Gas from RussiaRolf Golombek
3164Prospects for Norwegian Petroleum Extraction and implications for the Norwegian Economy as a wholeOle Røgeberg
3171SAMFUNN: Norms, green agents and environmental policyRolf Golombek
3172Managing Thresholds and Uncertainty in Resource EconomicsEric Nævdal
3173Intergenerational and intragenerational equity in climate policySnorre Kverndokk
3181Improving international cooperation on emission abatementOle Røgeberg
3182Managing Risk in Climate Change - A Dynamic PerspectiveEric Nævdal
3185Sustainable transformation to sustainabilityKatinka Holtsmark
3192The school research campaign, 2012Rolf Golombek
3193Transition to a low-emissions society: modeling of energy marketsRolf Golombek
3201Cost-efficient strategies to reduce Europe's emissionsFinn Førsund
3202Migrant Labor in the Norwegian Petroleum SectorBernt Bratsberg
3221Economic iNsTRuments to Achieve Climate Targets in Europe - ENTRACTE (CREE)Taran Fæhn
3301The Ninth Annual EAERE ConferenceRolf Golombek
3302Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)Snorre Kverndokk
3303Properties of different allocation rules for greenhouse gas emission quotasSnorre Kverndokk
3304Sectoral effects of climate quotasRolf Golombek
3311Some fundamental issues in environmental cost-benefit analysisKarine Nyborg
3321Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ChangeSnorre Kverndokk
3341Optimal quota strategiesRolf Golombek
3351Capacity utilization in the power sectorRolf Golombek
3352Exploitation of water reservoirs
3353Green certificatesRolf Golombek
3381Emission trading in Europe: The importance of allocation rulesRolf Golombek
3403Policy measures that can promote the development and use of environmental technologySnorre Kverndokk
3501Smart meters smart consumersØystein M. Hernæs
3641Electrification of transport: Challenges, mechanisms and solutionsSverre A. C. Kittelsen
3642Driving towards the low-emission societyOddbjørn Raaum
3811IPCCSnorre Kverndokk
3901Modeling of energy systems.Rolf Golombek
3902Implications of ParisSnorre Kverndokk
4101Economics of healthSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4102Absenteeism and medical diagnosisKnut Røed
4103Social status and health inequality in the nordic welfare modelSnorre Kverndokk
4104The market for PharmaceuticalsSteinar Strøm
4105Panel data analysis of labor market related to healthSteinar Strøm
4106Cost per life-year CurveOle Røgeberg
4107The labor supply of physicians and nursesSteinar Strøm
4111Government financing of drug consumption in Norway and the markets for pharmaceuticalsSteinar Strøm
4112More for less: Why is Norway special?Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
4114Biopharmaceuticals in European hospitalsSteinar Strøm
4115The effect of DRG-based financing on hospitalSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4116Incentives, Efficiency and Quality of Care in Long Term Care For The ElderlySnorre Kverndokk
4117Effects of Child Welfare ServicesØystein M. Hernæs
4131Evaluation of the hospital reformSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4132Absenteeism in Norway - Causes, Censequences, and Policy ImplicationsKnut Røed
4133Absenteeism - Disability, Norms and InterventionsOle Røgeberg
4134Disentangling absence patternsSimen Markussen
4141Addiction, Choice and Responsible AgencyOle Røgeberg
4142Personal Autonomy, Addiction and Mental DisorderOle Røgeberg
4143Values, beliefs and policy options: Beyond prevalence-centric prohibitionsOle Røgeberg
4151Results of the coordination reform: Better health, better health services, better economics?Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
4161Armed Conflict and Health in AfricaAndreas Kotsadam
4201Economics of scope in health services production - Evaluation of regional health cooperationSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4221EuroHOPE - European Health Care Outcomes, Performance and EfficiencySverre A. C. Kittelsen
4222LifebrainOle Røgeberg
4330Norms and priorities of sickness absenceKaren Evelyn Hauge
4341Sin taxesOle Røgeberg
4371Income, income inequality and healthSnorre Kverndokk
4411Benchmarking of fysiotherapy in Bærum municipalitySverre A. C. Kittelsen
4441Medical DrugsDag Morten Dalen
4451Payments to private suppliers of health laboratory servicesSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4452Price regulation of drugsSteinar Strøm
4481Disabled peopleRolf Golombek
4482A comparison of activity, costs and productivity in specialised health care in Norway and other Nordic countriesSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4483Analysis of specialist care in the Nordic countriesSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4511Price regulation in the pharmaceutical marketDag Morten Dalen
5101Liberalisation, poverty and redistribution / Inequality, Social Conflict, and DevelopmentKalle Moene
5102The Russian Economic and Fiscal Crisis: A collective failure of the imaginationSheetal Chand
5103Multilateral institutions in peace buildingKalle Moene
5111Liquidity problems, financing constraints and investment decisions: A theoretical modelling with application to NorwayGabriela Mundaca
6511Entrepreneurship, entry and R&D: A pilot studyKnut Røed
6512R&D, Industry Dynamics and Public PolicyKnut Røed
6513Entrepreneurship and Gender in Norway - Entrepreneurship, Gender, and Social capitalKnut Røed
8002Manufacturing and tradeRolf Golombek
8101Advertising and Competition in Markets with Network ExternalitiesKjell Arne Brekke
8104Causes of Bargaining FailureKaren Evelyn Hauge
8105ESOP - KotsadamAndreas Kotsadam
8106Field Experiments to Identify the Effects and Scope Conditions of Social InteractionsAndreas Kotsadam
8911Research on youth attitude changeAndreas Kotsadam