Eric Nævdal

Senior Research Fellow
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Mobile phone +47 9062 8707


  • Cand. Oecon from the University of Oslo 1994
  • Dr. Scientarium in Resource Economics, Agricultural University of Norway 2000

Research Interests

Resource Economics, Economic management of ecological systems, dynamic optimization, modeling of the risk of disasters, animal behavior

Curriculum Vitae




 Only active projects
Project ID:Title:
3100Oslo Center for Research on Environmentally friendly Energy (CREE)
3148Uncertainties in the European Energy Market: Modelling Approaches and policy issues
3162Petroleum industry research in economics and economic management
3171SAMFUNN: Norms, green agents and environmental policy
3172Managing Thresholds and Uncertainty in Resource Economics
3173Intergenerational and intragenerational equity in climate policy
3182Managing Risk in Climate Change - A Dynamic Perspective
3641Electrification of transport: Challenges, mechanisms and solutions
4112More for less: Why is Norway special?
4116Incentives, Efficiency and Quality of Care in Long Term Care For The Elderly
9606IntPr6 Eric og SimenG Forbedrede algoritmer…

Selected Publications


Scientific Journal

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Nævdal, EricCatastrophes and ex post shadow prices—How the value of the last fish in a lake is infinity and why we should not care (much)2016Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Vol 132, 153-160[DOI]
Nævdal, EricOptimal Screening for Genetic Diseases2014Economics and Human Biology Vol 15, 129-139[PDF]
Kverndokk, S., E. Nævdal and L. NøstbakkenThe Trade-off between Intra- and Intergenerational Equity in Climate Policy2014European Economic Review vol 69, 40-58[PDF] [DOI]
Nævdal, Eric, Jon Olaf Olaussen and Anders SkonhoftA bioeconomic model of trophy hunting2012Ecological Economics Vol 73, 194-205[PDF] [DOI]
Andersen, Inger Lise, Eric Nævdal and Knut Egil BøeMaternal investment, sibling competition, and offspring survival with increasing litter size and parity in pigs (Sus scrofa)2011Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology Vol 65 (6), 1159-1167[PDF]
Diekert, F.K., Hjermann, D.Ø., Nævdal, E. og N.C. StensethNon-cooperative exploitation of multi-cohort fisheries - The role of gear selectivity in the North-East Arctic cod fishery2010Resource & Energy Economics 32(1), 78-92[PDF]
Diekert, F.K., Hjermann, D.Ø., Nævdal, E. og N.C. StensethSpare the Young Fish: Optimal Harvesting Policies for North-East Arctic Cod2010Environmental and Resource Economics 47(4), 455-475[PDF]
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Book chapter

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Nævdal, EricSafe Minimum Standard (SMS)2013Encyclopedia of Sustainability, vol 5, 352-353[PDF]
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This series is published by the Department of Economics, University of Oslo, in cooperation with the Frisch Centre. The list below only contains those memoranda written in connection with projects at the Frisch Centre. A complete list of memoranda is found at

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Nævdal, EricCatastrophes and Expected Marginal Utility – How the Value of The Last Fish in a Lake is Infinity and Why We Shouldn’t Care (Much)2015No. 8[PDF]
Nævdal, Eric and Jon VislieResource Depletion and Capital Accumulation under Catastrophic Risk: Policy Actions against Stochastic Thresholds and Stock Pollution2013No. 24[PDF]
Nævdal, Eric og Jon VislieResource Depletion and Capital Accumulation under Catastrophic Risk: The Role of Stochastic Thresholds and Stock Pollution2012No. 24[PDF]
Nævdal, E. and J. VislieClimate Change, Catastrophic Risk and the Relative Unimportance of Discounting2008No. 28[PDF]
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CREE Working Paper

CREE is the Oslo Centre for Environmentally friendly Energy. Here you will only find the publications written by authors here at the Frisch Centre. A complete list is located at

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Crépin, Anne-Sophie, Eric NævdalInertia in risk; improving economic models of catastrophes2017No. 2[PDF]
Kverndokk, Snorre, Eric Nævdal and Linda NøstbakkenThe Trade-off between Intra- and Intergenerational Equity in Climate Policy: Can Carbon Leakage be Justified?2012No. 9[PDF]
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Frisch Report

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Nævdal, Eric, Anders SkonhoftNew Insights from the Canonical Fisheries Model2018No. 3[PDF]
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Other journals

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Kverndokk, Snorre, Eric Nævdal og Linda NøstbakkenRettferdige klimaavtaler2014Samfunnsøkonomen 2, 56-57[PDF]
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Other publications

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Kverndokk, Snorre, Eric Nævdal, Linda NøstbakkenThe Trade-off between Intra- and Intergenerational Equity in Climate Policy2013CESifo Working Paper no. 4285[PDF]
Nævdal, EricDiskonteringsratens effekt på optimal klimapolitikk2010KLIMA 05/10, 34-35[PDF]
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