Our research is organized in projects and each project is allocated to one or more Flagship, depending on the content.

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No. Title Flagship Status
1 Carbon leakage IV


2 Allocation rules for carbon permits IV Ongoing
3 “WILL” - Governing EU-Norwegian willingness to extract, combust and consume less carbon IV Finalized
4 Residential energy efficiency and European carbon policies IV Finalized
5 Energy efficiency, energy systems and the economy IV Ongoing
6 International oil market analyses II Finalized
7 Prospects: Global and national transformation from a fossil-fuel-dependent economy IV Finalized
8 Abatement of greenhouse gas emissions in Norway and the EU towards 2030 IV Finalized
9 Regionalizing Norway in LIBEMOD I Ongoing
10 Implications of Paris IV Finalized
11 Systems for refunding emissions payments IV Ongoing
12 Pareto-improving climate policies IV Ongoing
13 Climate treaties with reciprocal preferences IV Ongoing
14 Decision making in environmental-related dilemmas IV Finalized
16 Obstacles to permit trade IV Ongoing
17 Ambiguity aversion IV Ongoing
18 Effects of the EU ETS on manufacturing plants I Ongoing
19 Investments in green technology IV Ongoing
21 The climate system and irreversible catastrophes IV Ongoing
23 Intergenerational Decision-Making IV Finalized
24 Strategic technology policy as supplement to renewable energy standards III Finalized
25 How should CCS technologies be supported? III Ongoing
26 Environmental innovation prizes III Ongoing
27 Innovation in clean energy as a commitment device III,IV Ongoing
28 Effective climate policies with trade and international technology spillovers IV Finalized
29 Triggering environmentally friendly technology Development III Finalized
30 Policy instruments that can promote the development and use of environmental III Finalized
31 Technology and Time Inconsistency IV Ongoing
32 Avoiding Nature-Sensitive Oil Extraction I Finalized
33 Green Certificates and Competition in Electricity Markets I Finalized
34 Effects of Reduced Nuclear Capacity in Europe I Ongoing
35 Natural Resources and Sovereign Expropriation I Ongoing
36 Should Foresters Forecast? IV Finalized
37 The Hveding Conjecture: Optimal Operation of Hydro Power IV Finalized
38 Integration of, and Competition between, Electricity Market Places I Finalized
39 Flexibility in Electricity Markets I Ongoing
42 Security of supply in a green power market – The challenges and opportunities of intermittent Power I,III Ongoing
43 Rebound and adverse effects of energy efficiency measures III Ongoing
44 The households’ response to soft policy measures III Finalized
45 Environmentally friendly transportation II Finalized
46 Environmental performance in firms I Finalized
47 Evaluation of energy efficiency measures III Finalized
48 Investments and utilization of energy efficient household appliances I,III Ongoing
49 Household energy practices in low energy buildings III Ongoing
50 Electrification of transport: Challenges, mechanisms and solutions (ELECTRANS) II Ongoing
51 Legal challenges and opportunities for Norway under a re-designed European electricity market I Ongoing
52 Cooperation and regulation for building electric interconnectors I Ongoing
53 The European electricity market towards 2050 I Ongoing
54 WINDLAND: Spatial assessment of environment-economy trade-offs to reduce wind power conflicts I Ongoing
55 The role of CCS in reaching a low-carbon society I,IV Ongoing
56 Driving towards the low-emission society II Ongoing
57 CREE Master Theses in environmentally friendly energy I,II,III,IV Ongoing
58 Technical building standards and energy use in non- residential buildings III Ongoing
60 Energy security and option value in residences III Ongoing
61 Smart Paths IV Ongoing
62 Mitigation under the Paris agreement IV Finalized
63 Sustainable transition to sustainability IV Ongoing
64 Impacts of clean and dirty R&D I Ongoing
65 The Paris Agreement and Supply-Side Policies II Ongoing
66 Carbon Pricing after Paris II Ongoing
67 Energy market interlinkages and distribution I Ongoing
68 Global impact of Nordic climate policies III Ongoing
69 PLATON IV Ongoing
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