Research topics

CREE's research activities are organized within four thematically specified flagships.

Flagship I: Radical emissions reductions in ETS sectors

This flagship considers emissions reductions in the ETS sectors, mainly focusing on the electricity market, but also covering carbon-intensive manufacturing industries and the potential of carbon capture, transport and storage technologies. The design of efficient policy instruments is studied, as well as how these measures have impact on the energy system.

Flagship II: Environmentally friendly transport

This flagship focuses on achieving emissions reductions in the transport sector.

Flagship III: Green innovations and utilization of smart technologies

This flagship analyses how policies can motivate and incentivize research, development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies; and the impact of economic factors, habits and norms on development and utilization of green technologies.

Flagship IV: Towards the low-emission society

This flagship takes a comprehensive view by analyzing policy instruments and climate agreements that may contribute to reaching the long-term goal of a low-emission society, nationally, regionally and globally.