Implications of Paris

This project will study the implications of the Paris agreement on climate change. It is initiated by JGCRI at the University of Maryland, USA, and will consist of a workshop series that started in North America in 2016 (University of Maryland), and will continue in Norway in the spring 2017 (NTNU and UiO) and in Japan in the fall 2017.

The idea is to inform key stakeholders on the environmental, economic and energy implications of the new agreement based on integrated scientific and technical analysis and to stimulate dialogue on next steps in the process. The key questions are: What do the NDCs means in the context of a 2 degree C long-term limit? What does it mean for key countries and regions? What does it mean for the energy system and for different sectors?

The workshop in Norway actually consists of one workshop organized by CenSES at NTNU on 5-6 March and an outreach workshop organized by CREE at the University of Oslo on 8 March. The outreach workshop is mainly intended to foster a dialogue among Norwegian policy makers, research funding agencies/organizations, private sector entities, NGOs, and researchers (both national and international) towards their contributions to Norway’s national commitment to implementation of Paris Agreement. Hopefully, the discussion can give inputs to a research agenda to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement.


Published June 8, 2017 12:31 PM - Last modified June 10, 2017 5:24 PM