The IEA Extended World Energy Balances database has a full set of consumption data for Russia, but due to the regional structure in the model additional data sources and own assumptions have been used to complete the dataset. A comprehensive data source for energy consumption on a federal district level for Russia has not been identified and information regarding sectorial consumption is generally hard to find. To ensure consistency within the model the energy balance from IEA Extended Energy Balances has been used as the total for Russia (the sum of RU1, RU2 and RU3). 

The regional distribution of the electricity consumption is taken from APBE (2011), which provides data on a federal district level by sector for 2009. APBE (2010) has data for the electricity produced by fuel in 2009 for the federal districts. For the remaining sectors various sources were used. Pirani (2011) provides data on natural gas consumption in Russia in 2004 by federal district and sector, which has been used to allocate the consumption for 2009 as no detailed data has been located. Coal consumption has been allocated between sectors and regions using own assumptions based on information regarding population density, industry structure and coal reserves. 

Oil consumption in the transport sector has been based on an overview of gasoline and diesel consumption for 2010. The household, service and industry consumption has been allocated based on similar assumptions as coal. According to the IEA statistics, biomass consumption in Russia is generally low. The consumption of biomass has been split between the regions based on population shares. 

Consumption of heat is converted to electricity equivalents and added to the electricity demand in the same way as for the other model countries. IEA Extended Energy Balances has detailed data for heat consumption by sector for Russia. To allocate this to the three regions production shares from APBE (2010) has been used. It seems reasonable to assume that the district heating system lies within the federal districts; i.e. the heat is consumed in the region it is produced. This is supported by how Russia has a large share of combined heat and power plants (CHP) and how the Russian electricity grid consists of six regional power systems operating in parallel (Abdurofikov 2009).

Due to lack of sources the consumption within RU1, RU2 and RU3 will not be accurate. Ultimately the data is constructed so that the regional consumption sums up to that reported by the IEA. To get a better understanding of the assumptions used to create the dataset the full Russia documentation should be consulted. 

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