Playing with the good guys. A public good game with endogenous group formation

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Brekke, Kjell Arne, Karen E. Hauge, Jo Thori Lind og Karine Nyborg




Journal of Public Economics

Vol 95(9-10), 1111-1118

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Are some individuals generally more pro-social than others? If so, socially beneficial commitments could serve as a costly screening device helping the pro-social to match. We present a public good game experiment in which subjects choose between two group types: in blue groups, subjects receive a fixed extra payoff; in red groups, this extra payoff is donated, instead, to the Red Cross. A substantial share of our subjects chose red groups. Contributions in red groups were initially higher and stayed high, while contributions in blue groups displayed the well-known declining pattern.


Altruism; Conditional cooperation; Self-selection


D11; D12; D64; H41

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Frisch prosjekt: 3134 - Self-image and sustainability