Why Children of College Graduates Outperform their Schoolmates: A Study of Cousins and Adoptees

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Hægeland, T., Kirkebøen, L.J., Raaum, O. og K.G. Salvanes




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IZA Discussion Paper no. 5369

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Massive cross-sectional evidence exists indicating that children of more educated parents outperform their schoolmates. However, evidence for causal interpretation of this association is weak. We examine a causal relationship using two approaches for identification within the same data: cousins with twin parents and adopted children. We find no effect of mothers’ education on children’s school performance using the children-of-twins approach. However, for adopted children, mother’s education has a small positive effect. Tracking the work experience of parents during offspring childhood, we find no support that this effect can be explained by a higher labor force participation among more educated mothers.


intergenerational mobility, education, twin parents, adoptees



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