Spare the Young Fish: Optimal Harvesting Policies for North-East Arctic Cod

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Diekert, F.K., Hjermann, D.Ø., Nævdal, E. og N.C. Stenseth




Environmental and Resource Economics

47(4), 455-475

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The North-East Arctic cod (Gadus morhua) fishery, as most other commercial fisheries, is wasting the larger part of its potential. Examining a detailed multi-cohort, multigear bioeconomic model, we showthat the cause is rather a too smallmesh size than excessive effort. Although internationally and nationally managed by quota allocations and regulations, the current exploitation pattern implies that essentially the wrong fish are targeted. Catching older and heavier fish could double the fishery’s Net-Present-Value. This increases harvested biomass while it reduces the number of fish removed from the ocean, highlighting the importance of age- and gear-specific modeling. Moreover, optimal harvesting policies would also lead to a much more robust and abundant cod stock.


Age-structure · Bioeconomics · Gear selectivity · North-East Arctic cod · Optimal harvesting policies

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