Job Reallocation and Labour Mobility among Heterogeneous Firms in Norway

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Li, Dan




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This paper investigates job reallocation and labour mobility in Norwegian firms that are heterogeneous with respect to the internationalization strategy, R&D intensity, and knowledge activity. The analysis is based on matched trade data and employer-employee data from 1996 to 2005. The results show that there has been a downsizing of manufacturing mainly through decreased job creations in the period of study. Within manufacturing, a significant number of jobs have been reallocated from non-exporting to exporting firms and from low R&D-intensive to high R&Dintensive industries. The stability of the workforce in exporting firms is significantly higher than that of the workforce in non-exporting firms. The main trend in manufacturing is that jobs and workers are reallocated from less efficient to more efficient firms. This pattern of job reallocation and labour mobility is likely to have a potential influence on the aggregate productivity growth in manufacturing industries.


Job reallocation; labour mobility; international trade; R&D

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Frisch prosjekt: 6512 - R&D, Industry Dynamics and Public Policy