Economic Incentives, Business Cycles, and Long-Term Sickness Absence


Nordberg, Morten and Knut Røed




Industrial Relations

Vol. 48 (2009), 203-230.

Sammendrag (engelsk)

We investigate long-term absenteeism in Norway, on the basis of register data covering 8 years and more than 2 million absence spells. Key findings are that: i) a tighter labor market yields lower work resumption rates for persons who are absent, and higher relapse rates for persons who have already resumed work; and ii) the work resumption rates increase when sickness benefits are exhausted, but work resumptions at this stage tend to be short-lived.

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Oppdragsgiver: Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet og Finansdepartementet
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Frisch prosjekt: 1391 - Arbeidsmarkeds- og trygdeforskning