Vocational Education and Training in Britain and Norway


Elias, D. P. B., Hernæs, E., Baker, M.




in Lynch, L. (ed): "Training and the Private Sector" NBER Comparative Labour Market Series, The University of Chicago Press.

Sammendrag (engelsk)

This study attempts to quantify the impact of the method of delivery of vocational training on the subsequent earnings of young people in Great Britain and Norway. The institutional settings are described and comparative micro-econometric analyses conducted on longitudenal data sets for the two countries covering the early years of labour market experience.For Britain, the craft-apprenticeship system, an employer-based private sector delivery mechanism, appears to increase earnings of young males who complete. For Norway, there are indications that a completed (3 years) vocational eduation increases earnings, whereas shorter spells of vocational eduation does not significantly increase earnings.

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