Youth Wages and Education in Denmark and Norway


Bjørn, N. H., Hernæs, E.




in Bjørn, N.H., Eriksson, T., and Wadensjø, E.:"From School to Work in the Nordic Countries", North-Holland.

Sammendrag (engelsk)

This study compares educational enrollment and earnings of young persons in Denmark and Norway, based on comparable, longitudenal data sets covering the period up to 1990. Short vocational education, which is more common in Denmark than in Norway, does not appear to significantly influence earnings. Completed vocational education and higher education are associated with significanty higher earning, and the difference increases over time. At age 30 the premium for 8 years of education beyond compulsory school ranges from 25 % for Norwegian males to more than 60 % for Norwegian females, with the Danish groups in between. The general level of unemployment appears to increase the impact of education on earnings.

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