Initiatives to Combat the Labour Market Exclusion of Youth in Northern Europe: A Meta-analysis

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Hardoy, Ines, Kristine von Simson, Knut Røed, og Tao Zhang




Kapittel 16, 235-251. Malo M., Moreno Mínguez A. (eds) European Youth Labour Markets. Springer, Cham

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We present results from a meta-analysis that compiles studies on labour market programmes targeted at youth below the age of 30 in six selected countries: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Together they comprise a database with 44 quantitative evaluation studies and 425 observations which fulfil certain criteria with regard to methodology, publication, etc. Results indicate that labour market training and wage subsidies have a positive impact on youth labour market prospects. Work practice and public employment measures do not. More recent studies tend to give more positive effects, indicating a learning process from previous mistakes. There is no significant difference between short-term and medium- to long-term effects, nor do institutional conditioning factors such as redundancy laws, laws for temporary contracts, etc. seem to matter for the effects of labour market programmes. However, these last findings must be treated with caution as lack of variability might be causing some of the observed patterns.


Youth unemployment NEETs Northern Europe Active labour market policies Impact evaluation Meta-analysis