Leaving Poverty Behind? The Effects of Generous Income Support Paired with Activation

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Markussen, S. and K. Røed




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IZA Discussion paper no 8245

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We evaluate a comprehensive activation program in Norway targeted at hard-to-employ social assistance claimants with reduced work capacity. The program offers a combination of tailored rehabilitation, training and job practice, and a generous, stable, and non-meanstested benefit. Its main aims are to mitigate poverty and subsequently promote selfsupporting employment. Our evaluation strategy exploits a geographically staggered program introduction, and the causal effects are identified on the basis of changes in employment prospects that coincide with local program implementation in a way that correlates with the predicted probability of becoming a participant. We find that the program raised employment prospects considerably


poverty, vocational rehabilitation, social insurance, treatment effects, program evaluation


C21, C26, H55, I30, J24

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Oppdragsgiver: Arbeidsforskningsinstituttet
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Frisch prosjekt: 1308 - Evaluering av kvalifiseringsprogrammet