The Price Premium for Organic Wines: Estimating a Hedonic Farm-Gate Price Equation


Corsi, Alessandro and Steinar Strøm




Journal of Wine Economics

Vol 8(1), 29-48

Sammendrag (engelsk)

Organic wines are increasingly produced and appreciated. Because organic production is more costly, a crucial question is whether they benefit from a price premium. We estimate hedonic price functions for Piedmont organic and conventional wines. We use data on the production side in addition to variables of interest to consumers. Our results show that, along with characteristics of interest to consumers, some farm and producer characteristics not directly relevant for consumers do significantly affect wine prices. We find that organic wine tends to obtain higher prices than conventional wine. The price premium is not simply an addition to other price components; organic quality modifies the impact of the other variables on price.


Organic wine, hedonic price, price premium, Piedmont


C21, D49, L11, Q12

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