Circular Economy, Life-cycle assessment, Electrification and Car Transactions (CELECT)

ProsjektansvarligElisabeth Thuestad Isaksen
OppdragsgiverNFR via TØI
Oppdragsgivers prosjektnr.336324
ProsjektdeltakereElisabeth Thuestad Isaksen
Prosjektperiode2022 - 2026

Prosjektbeskrivelse (engelsk)

Primary and secondary objectives of the project
Contribute to a fair and sustainable transition of the car fleet that reduces emissions from new cars and extracts the potential of used cars, based on a life cycle perspective and circular economy (CE) principles.

- Describe the market for used cars based on individual register data and data on used car prices
- Assess the environmental impact of new and used cars over the life cycle based on updated empirical foundations
- Guide businesses and customers in the car market to sustainable decisions
- Develop a CE framework and sustainability recommendations for vehicles, considering second life applications for batteries
- Combine LCA and productivity analysis to evaluate which cars deliver the most benefits relative to their environmental costs
- Exploit natural experiments to identify the causal impact of policies for vehicle electrification
- Assess strengths and weaknesses of current and alternative electrification policies in a life cycle perspective


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