Field Experiments to Identify the Effects and Scope Conditions of Social Interactions

ProsjektansvarligAndreas Kotsadam
OppdragsgiverNorges Forskningsråd
Oppdragsgivers prosjektnr.287766
ProsjektdeltakereÅshild Auglænd Johnsen
Andreas Kotsadam
Prosjektperiode2019 - 2022

Prosjektbeskrivelse (engelsk)

The project outlines an ambitious and bold research agenda, addressing theoretical and empirical challenges related to the study of social interactions. Using field experiments, the project aims to identify causal effects of exposure to out-groups on prejudice, discrimination, political attitudes, and behaviors such as voter turnout, occupational choice, and field of study. Together the experiments will allow for theoretical advancement in showing when and how social interactions occur and individually they answer questions at the research frontier in their respective fields.
The project is innovative as it extends state-of-the art econometric methods and combines data from large administrative registers, field-, and laboratory experiments. The close collaboration with institutions outside of academia enables us to conduct or exploit field experiments across different environments including the army, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and during elections.
The project has strong policy relevance. As societies are becoming more diverse, there is need for evidence-based policies to improve interethnic relations and avoid conflicts. Gender discrimination, and insight into how to reduce it, is of importance to our partnering organizations and to society. Harmonious relations and cooperation across socio-economic classes is paramount for an efficient society. High and equal voter turnout is a foundation for democracy and there is political consensus that the Norwegian decline in turnout should be reversed.
The project is interdisciplinary and draws on theories from different fields of the social sciences. The ultimate goal is to push the research frontiers of political science, sociology, and economics. The project team consists of top national and world leading international scholars from these disciplines and the project leader actively publishes well in all three disciplines. We expect that the project will produce top publications in several disciplines.



Vitenskapelige tidsskrift

Andersen, Asbjørn G., Andreas Kotsadam, Vincent SomvilleMaterial resources and well-being --- Evidence from an Ethiopian housing lottery2022Journal of Health Economics 83, 102619[PDF] [DOI]
Bratsberg, Bernt, Jeremy Ferwerda, Henning Finseraas, Andreas KotsadamHow Settlement Locations and Local Networks Influence Immigrant Political Integration2021American Journal of Political Science Vol 65 (3), 551-565[PDF] [DOI]
Dahl, Gordon, Andreas Kotsadam, Dan-Olof RoothDoes Integration Change Gender Attitudes? The Effect of Randomly Assigning Women to Traditionally Male Teams2021Quarterly Journal of Economics Vol 136 (2), 987-1030[DOI]

Andre skrifter

Andersen, A., Kotsadam, A., & Somville, V.Material resources and well-being—Evidence from an Ethiopian housing lottery2021NHH Dept. of Economics Discussion Paper, (11)[PDF]