Regulation of energy utilities and the development of new, and efficient energy sources for the future

ProsjektansvarligDag Morten Dalen
OppdragsgiverNorges forskningsråd
Oppdragsgivers prosjektnr.
ProsjektdeltakereNils-Henrik M. von der Fehr
Prosjektperiode1.1.2003 - 31.12.2005 (avsluttet)


Energy choices made by firms and households, e.g. with respect to heating system, are restricted by available networks developed by energy utilities and the cost of local production. Most types of energy sources require large investment in capital-intensive, long-lived, and immobile networks. In this project we study of inter-linkages between the regulatory policies towards different, but related, energy networks, as well as local production, that facilitates a desirable consumer switch to other energy sources in the future. Market design of new energy sources - both the downstream level (energy retailing) and regulation of new energy networks - should not be studied in isolation, but as an intergrated part of policies towards energy markets in general. The project investigates how current regulatory practices by the governments affect utilities' incentives to innovate and develop new energy sources. It develops knowledge about good regulatory regimes for the future that stimulates innovation and investment in alternative energy networks an local production


Vitenskapelige tidsskrift

Dalen, D.M., von der Fehr, N.-H. And E. MoenRegulation under Wage Bargaining2003Economic Journal 113, 525-538

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Dalen, D.M. and A. Gomez-LoboYardsticks on the road: Regulatory contracts and cost efficiency in the Norwegian Bus Industry2003

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