Work Life Challenges - workforce management and worker involvement solutions

ProsjektansvarligBernt Bratsberg
OppdragsgiverNorges forskningsråd
Oppdragsgivers prosjektnr.202647
ProsjektdeltakereKaren Evelyn Hauge
Oddbjørn Raaum
Marte Eline Ulvestad
Prosjektperiode2011 - 2014 (avsluttet)


The project is joint with the Institute for Social Research, Fafo, NIESR London and ISS at the University of Oslo. Our research at the Frisch Centre will analyze (i) how changes in bargaining regime and worker involvement affect job creation and demand for labour, contributing to employers’ inclusion and exclusion of workers, (ii) whether the superior performance of workplaces implementing incentive pay schemes reflects sorting (e.g., more able workers), but also be associated with external effects by possibly acting as an exclusion mechanism, and (iii) whether employer strategies ensuring numerical flexibility such as outsourcing and sub-contracting may be a way of creating new divisions in the labour market, or if such strategies actually provide valuable work opportunities for marginalised workers. Based on a new detailed questionnaire survey combined with administrative register data; the project will provide a timely and needed description of the Norwegian work life 2011, of the major trends and the major challenges facing policy makers, employers and trade unions, the general public as well as the research community.


Vitenskapelige tidsskrift

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Andre tidsskrift

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Andre skrifter

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