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Unemployment and intimate-partner violence

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Design for å avdekke effekten av effektpriser

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Elasticity of Earnings and Incentives to Work for Disability Insurance Recipients

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Does the ‘Boost for Mathematics’ boost mathematics?

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Border Policies and Unauthorized Flows: Evidence from the Refugee Crisis in Europe

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Land Tenure Insecurity, Fragmentation and Crop Choice: Evidence from Uganda

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Internet Use and the U-shaped relationship between Age and Well-being

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Student absenteeism in high school – Can a cap on absence improve attendance and performance?

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Climate Politics in Hard Times: How Local Economic Shocks Influence MPs Attention to Climate Change

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Poverty and Gender Inequality: Household Responses to India's Trade Reforms

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Paternity leave and rank-order tournaments in workplaces

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Understanding the saving behavior: Intergenerational Transfer, Altruism and Housing Market

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Promoting Child Development in a Universal Preschool System: A Field Experiment

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A Bit of Salt, A Trace of Life: Long-run impacts in human capital formation of a salt iodization program

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Immigration history, entry jobs, and the labor market integration of immigrants

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Fertility and Labor Market Responses to Reductions in Mortality

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The causal effect of fertility history on cognitive functioning in later life