2018 - Side 2

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Increased cannabis traffic crash risks in culpability studies - avoiding the interpretational bias of the odds-ratio estimator

Sist endret 2. mai 2018 12:33 av gryny@uio.no

The intergenerational transmission of welfare dependency

Sist endret 25. mai 2018 12:32 av gryny@uio.no

The Value of Life: The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Research Programme

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Local Immigration and Support for Anti-Immigration Parties: A Meta-Analysis

Sist endret 11. juni 2018 11:30 av gryny@uio.no

Family Policies and Gender Equality:  Did They Work, Norway 1980 to Today

Sist endret 8. nov. 2018 10:31 av gryny@uio.no

Has the Norwegian system of wage formation been robust to labour immigration? Evidence from wage data for natives

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Housing careers and divorce

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Women’s Economic Empowerment and Fertility: Long-Term Experimental Evidence from Tanzania

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Income volatility and portfolio choices