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Cross-Border Exchange and Sharing Generation Reserve Capacity

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When Your View Goes Up In Flames: Effect of Wildfires on Property Values 

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The Impact of Paid Maternity Leave on Maternal Health

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Testing for micro efficiency in the housing market

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Tax evasion and inequality

Link til paper: http://gabriel-zucman.eu/files/AJZ2017.pdf

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Strategic Public Policy and Bunching around Population Thresholds

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Measuring substitution patterns for differentiated products: Demand for environmental friendly cars in Norway

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Individual Economic Behavior in the aftermath of School Mass-Shootings

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Privileging one’s own? Voting patterns and politicized spending in India

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The role of community characteristics in sanitation uptake: evidence from an information campain in rural Nigeria

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Couples’ Joint Retirement - Evidence of Asymmetric Complementarity in Leisure

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How does the housing career experienced during childhood affect early adult outcomes? Evidence from sibling comparisons in Norway

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On the robustness of wage gap decompositions

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Utprøving hos egen arbeidsgiver - erfaringer fra et felteksperiment i NAV

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Increased cannabis traffic crash risks in culpability studies - avoiding the interpretational bias of the odds-ratio estimator

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The intergenerational transmission of welfare dependency

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The Value of Life: The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Research Programme

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Family Policies and Gender Equality:  Did They Work, Norway 1980 to Today

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Housing careers and divorce

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Women’s Economic Empowerment and Fertility: Long-Term Experimental Evidence from Tanzania