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Bedrifters miljøansvar

Sist endret 10. okt. 2017 08:13 av gryny@uio.no

Age at Arrival, Economic Assimilation, and the Occupational-Workplace Sorting of Childhood Immigrants

Sist endret 21. mars 2017 11:30 av jorgg@uio.no

Increases in shared physical custody. Good or bad for children’s achievements in school?

Sist endret 24. jan. 2017 10:22 av gryny@uio.no

Are Women Better Directors in the Boards?

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Price Changes and Inertia: Evidence from Mobile Subscriptions

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Long-Run Effects of Free, Universal and Nutritious School Lunches: Evidence from a Swedish Reform

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Leading the Unwilling: Unilateral strategies for Preventing arctic oil extraction

Sist endret 16. okt. 2017 10:45 av jorgg@uio.no

It Pays to be Nice

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Selection of a sufficient subset of confounders: Using register and survey data for labor market program evaluation

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International tax information exchange agreements and the use of tax amnesty in Norway 

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The Norwegian and Australian Pension Systems: A Comparative Analysis

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Union Density, Productivity and Wages

Sist endret 22. aug. 2017 10:36 av gryny@uio.no

Quantifying socio-economic segregation in large-scale social networks using mobile phone metadata

Sist endret 20. nov. 2017 10:59 av jorgg@uio.no

All the Single Ladies: Job Promotions and the Durability of Marriage

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Entrepreneurship education: when less is more

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Environmental efficiency and abatement efficiency of China’s thermal power industry

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The effects of a resource boom on Intergenerational mobility

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Causes and Consequences of Marital Sorting Among the College Educated

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The role of social class background in ethnic minorities' educational and labour market outcomes: revisiting the ethnic penalty

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The gender gap in mathematics achievements: Evidence from Italian data  

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On the electoral effectiveness of pre-election policy promises

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Consequences of adolescent mental health problems on educational outcomes