Sist endret 5. jan. 2016 12:10 av jorgg@uio.no
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Burden of Disease and Cost Effectiveness of Interventions in Turkey

Sist endret 30. aug. 2016 12:53 av gryny@uio.no

Nonstationary Equilibrium in the Auto Market: Structural Estimation Using Danish Register Data

Sist endret 30. aug. 2016 12:50 av gryny@uio.no

Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China’s Foreign Assistance

Sist endret 11. apr. 2016 09:25 av gryny@uio.no

The Political Economy of Weak Treaties

Sist endret 18. mars 2016 12:34 av gryny@uio.no

Smakebiter fra produktivitetskommisjonen

Sist endret 29. mai 2016 15:24 av Sverre Kittelsen

General Equilibrium Effects of a Reform: The Effect of the Raising of the School Leaving Age on the Marriage Market

Sist endret 17. okt. 2016 09:25 av gryny@uio.no
Further Unbundling Institutions



Sist endret 27. sep. 2016 14:30 av gryny@uio.no

Health and employment. Towards more sorting in the labor market?

Sist endret 14. mars 2016 13:17 av gryny@uio.no

Flexible pension claiming

Sist endret 28. mars 2016 19:15 av Sverre Kittelsen

Heterogeneity of the Carnegie Effect [pdf]

Sist endret 5. jan. 2016 15:13 av Sverre Kittelsen

Competition in space

Sist endret 25. apr. 2016 14:59 av gryny@uio.no

Shift-Share Instruments, Past Settlements, and the Wage Impact of Migration

Sist endret 29. jan. 2016 14:36 av Sverre Kittelsen

Problematic features of the linear regression model when the dependent variable is binary

Sist endret 30. aug. 2016 12:45 av gryny@uio.no

Information and coordination frictions in experimental posted offer markets

Sist endret 22. nov. 2016 08:53 av jorgg@uio.no

Heterogeneous Retirement Effects on Health

Sist endret 18. apr. 2016 13:19 av jorgg@uio.no

Dynamics of firms' participation in R&D subsidy and tax credit programs - An issue for the programs' evaluation

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Sickness absence and workplace importance: Evidence from employee mobility

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The Econometrics of Ragnar Frisch

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Cognitive skills and socioeconomic outcomes

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Labour supply and spousal response to ill health and mortality in the terminal stages of individuals working life

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Family Friendly Firms Worker Mobility, Firm Attributes and Wage Trajectories of Women and Men

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Gender gap in educational outcomes. What is the role of relative age?

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Using fees to reduce bed-blocking: A game between hospitals and care providers