2015 - Side 2

Sist endret 18. aug. 2015 09:39 av Sverre Kittelsen

The effects of welfare conditionality on disadvantaged youths – evidence from Norwegian local social insurance offices

Sist endret 9. sep. 2015 09:08 av Sverre Kittelsen

Cable television, information, and politics - evidence from Norway 

Sist endret 29. mai 2015 09:08 av Sverre Kittelsen

Girls helping girls - The impact of female peers for grades and educational choices.

With Pål Schøne and Kristine von Simson

Sist endret 12. mai 2015 14:10 av Sverre Kittelsen

Poverty in China measured on and above the ground - results from micro data and nighttime light data.