Sist endret 1. mai 2015 16:52 av Sverre Kittelsen

Why do wealthy parents have wealthy children?

(With Magne Mogstad, Marte Rønning)

Sist endret 13. mai 2015 09:07 av jorgg@uio.no

Peer effects, gender, and ethnicity - Evidence from experiments in the Norwegian Armed Forces

PDF - Exposure to female cooleagues

PDF - Exposure to ethnic minorities

Sist endret 27. okt. 2015 15:09 av jorgg@uio.no

Ekstremvær: retorikk og katastrofeforestillinger.

Sist endret 22. okt. 2015 17:19 av jorgg@uio.no

Providing (Impure) Public Goods under Risk

Abstract. By means of a lab experiment, we analyze the impact of environmental risks on the (successful) provision of public goods. By treating the own return from one's contribution separately from the others' return from one's contribution, we are able to manipulate the risks in the two components of the return independently. This design allows us to, first, oppose the behavioral effect of the presence of risk in the own vs in the other group members' return from an individual's contribution. We find that risk in the returns from/to others' has a negative impact on contributions. In addition, we allows the risks to be positively or negatively correlated or independent. Risk in both components of the return is found to have a strong negative impact on the public good provision, unless when negatively correlated. Our results relate to the provision of environmental (impure) public goods, being especially interesting for the recent occurences of providing such goods, crowdinvesting and microlending.

Sist endret 10. mars 2015 11:58 av jorgg@uio.no

Resolving intertemporal conflicts: Economics vs Politics


Sist endret 11. mai 2015 15:46 av jorgg@uio.no

Karbonsyklus og dens klimatiske og klimapolitiske konsekvenser

Sist endret 10. mars 2015 13:07 av jorgg@uio.no

Klimaendringer og kommunikasjon av usikkerhet: Hva forskerne sier og hvordan de oppfattes.

Sist endret 8. okt. 2015 15:26 av jorgg@uio.no

Gone with the wind? An empirical analysis of the renewable energy rent transfer


Sist endret 7. jan. 2015 13:14 av Sverre Kittelsen

IPCCs synteserapport - en sammenstilling av alle resultatene i den femte hovedrapporten

(Merk tidspunkt 12:00)

Sist endret 24. sep. 2015 15:32 av Sverre Kittelsen

Fairness preferences in a bilateral trade experiment

Sist endret 23. feb. 2015 10:05 av Sverre Kittelsen

Optimal climate policy under under climate sensitivity uncertainty

Sist endret 27. aug. 2015 13:56 av Sverre Kittelsen

Værmelding som fellesgode

Sist endret 23. feb. 2015 09:18 av Sverre Kittelsen

Inflation and price adjustments: micro evidence from Norwegian consumer prices 1975--2004

Sist endret 16. feb. 2015 15:58 av Sverre Kittelsen

No Pain, No Gain: The Effects of Exports on Job Injury and Sickness.

Sist endret 14. jan. 2015 13:24 av Sverre Kittelsen

How does the temperature vary over time? Evidence on the stationary and fractal nature of temperature fluctuations.

Sist endret 20. mars 2015 10:19 av Sverre Kittelsen

Aggregate behavior in matching markets with general representation of preferences

With Zhiyang Jia

Sist endret 28. okt. 2015 10:02 av Sverre Kittelsen

Identifying local labour market effects of immigration

Sist endret 20. apr. 2015 10:33 av Sverre Kittelsen

Do men care? Men's supply of unpaid labour.

(With Leif Andreassen, Anna Maccagnan)

Sist endret 27. okt. 2015 15:09 av jorgg@uio.no


Sist endret 1. sep. 2015 14:27 av Sverre Kittelsen

Mothers’ employment and children’s educational gender gap

Sist endret 9. sep. 2015 09:10 av Sverre Kittelsen

Scale and quality in Nordic hospitals

Sist endret 10. mars 2015 11:56 av jorgg@uio.no

Child care before age two and the development of language and numeracy: Evidence from a lottery

(written jointly with Nina Drange, SSB)

Sist endret 17. sep. 2015 13:02 av Sverre Kittelsen

What if we know more than we can model: tailor-made models of data envelopment analysis