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Public sector and health

Research in public economics at the Frisch Centre is focused on how one can get the most health and welfare services out of available resources, and how the public sector can be financed efficiently.

The research in public economics at the Frisch Centre has been concentrated on productivity and health economics, but increasingly emphasizes themes with a clear connection and overlap with labour economics.The health economics research is part of the Health Economics Research Network at the University of Oslo (HERO), a collaboration with the Department of Health Management and Health Economics and the Department of Economics. Research covers a number of themes including the financing and organisation of the health sector, pharmaeconomics, sick leave, health and productivity, inequality in health, and the productivity and efficiency in the production of health services. Work at the Frisch Centre includes both methodological developments and empirical studies of productivity and efficiency with an emphasis on the public sector. Oslo Fiscal Studies (OFS) opened in 2012 as a centre for public economics based at the Department of Economics at the University of Oslo in cooperation with Statistics Norway and the Frisch Centre.

Latest publications


Scientific Journal

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Walhovd, K.B., O. Røgeberg et al.Education and Income Show Heterogeneous Relationships to Lifespan Brain and Cognitive Differences Across European and US Cohorts2022Cerebral Cortex Vol 32(4), 839-854[PDF] [DOI]
Goude, Fanny, Göran Garellick, Sverre A.C. Kittelsen, Henrik Malchau, Mikko Peltola, Clas RehnbergThe effects of competition and bundled payment on the performance of hip replacement surgery in Stockholm, Sweden - results from a quasi-experimental study2022BMJ Open Vol 12(7)[PDF] [DOI]
Ulvestad, Marte E.S., Simen MarkussenBorn or bred? The roles of nature and nurture for intergenerational persistence in labour market outcomes2022Journal of Population Economics Online[DOI]
Mamelund, Svenn Erik, Clare Shelley-Egan, Ole RøgebergThe association between socioeconomic status and pandemic influenza: systematic review and meta-analysis2021PLOS One Vol 16(9)[PDF] [DOI]
Røgeberg, Ole og Willy PedersenHjelpesøkende atferd blant brukere av illegale rusmidler2021Tidsskriftet Den norske legeforening [PDF]
Kverndokk, S. and H. O. MelbergUsing fees to reduce bed-blocking: A game between hospitals and long-term care providers2021European Journal of Health Economics 22(6), 931-949[PDF] [DOI]
Goude, F., Kittelsen, S.A.C., Malchau, H., Mohaddes, M. & Rehnberg, C.The effects of competition and bundled payment on patient reported outcome measures after hip replacement surgery2021BMC Health Services Research 21, 387[PDF] [DOI]
Rolles, Steve, Anne Katrin Schlag, Fiona Measham, Lawrence Phillips, David Nutte, Daniel Bergsvik, Ole RøgebergA multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA) for evaluating and appraising government policy responses to non medical heroin use2021International Journal of Drug Policy vol 91, 103180[PDF] [DOI]
Huitfeldt, IngridHospital reimbursement and capacity constraints: Evidence from orthopedic surgeries2021Health Policy Vol 125(6), 732-738[PDF] [DOI]
Godøy, Anna and Ingrid HuitfeldtRegional variation in health care utilization and mortality2020Journal of Health Economics 71[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, Simen and Marte StrømChildren and labor market outcomes: separating the effects of the first three children2020Journal of Population Economics [PDF] [DOI]
Røgeberg, OleAddiction Classics: The theory of Rational Addiction2020Addiction Vol 115(1), 184-187[PDF] [DOI]
Ku, Hyejin, Uta Schõnberg and Ragnhild C. SchreinerDo place-based tax incentives create jobs?2020Journal of Public Economics Vol 191[PDF] [DOI]
Røgeberg, OleA meta-analysis of the crash risk of cannabis-positive drivers in culpability studies - Avoiding interpretational bias2019Accident Analysis & Prevention Vol 123, 69-78[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, Simen, Knut Røed, Ragnhild C. SchreinerCan compulsory dialogs nudge sick-listed workers back to work?2018Economic Journal 128(610), 1276-1303[DOI]
Røgeberg, OleProhibition, regulation or laissez faire: The policy trade-offs of cannabis policy2018International Journal of Drug Policy vol 56, 153-161[PDF] [DOI]
Bergsvik, Daniel and Ole RøgebergAssessing the effect of public health information by incentivised risk estimation: An example on Swedish snus2018International Journal of Drug Policy Vol 54, 51-57[PDF] [DOI]
Kittelsen, Sverre A.C., Kjartan Sarheim Anthun, Unto Häkkinen, Marie Kruse, Clas RehnbergScale and quality in Nordic hospitals2018Nordic Journal of Health Economics Vol 6(2), 29-44[PDF] [DOI]
Røgeberg, O., D Bergsvik, LD Phillips, J Van Amsterdam, N Eastwood, et alA new approach to formulating and appraising drug policy: a multi-criterion decision analysis applied to alcohol and cannabis regulation2018International Journal of Drug Policy vol 56, 144-152[PDF] [DOI]
Kittelsen SAC, Anthun KS, Huitfeldt IMS.Kvalitet og produktivitet i norske sykehus2017Michael 14: Supplement 19, 75-85[PDF]
Cools, Sara, Simen Markussen and Marte StrømChildren and Careers: How Family Size Affects Parents’ Labor Market Outcomes in the Long Run2017Demography Vol 54(5), 1773-1793[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, Simen and Knut RøedThe market for paid sick leave2017Journal of Health Economics [PDF] [DOI]
Anthun, Kjartan Sarheim, Sverre Andreas Campbell Kittelsen, Jon MagnussenProductivity growth, case mix and optimal size of hospitals. A 16-year study of the Norwegian hospital sector2017Health Policy 121 (4), 418-425[PDF] [DOI]
Bratsberg, Bernt and Ole RøgebergChildhood socioeconomic status does not explain the IQ-mortality gradient2017Intelligence [PDF] [DOI]
Edvardsen DF, Førsund FR, Kittelsen SaC.Productivity development of Norwegian institutions of higher education 2004-20132017Journal of the Operational Reseach Society 1-17[PDF] [DOI]
Hauge, Karen Evelyn and Marte Eline UlvestadHaving a bad attitude? The relationship between attitudes and sickness absence2017IZA Journal of Labor Policy 6(1), 1-27[PDF] [DOI]
Johannessen, Karl Arne, Sverre A.C. Kittelsen, Terje P. HagenAssessing physician productivity following norwegian hospital reform: A panel and data envelopment analysis2017Social Science & Medicine Vol 175, 17-126[PDF] [DOI]
Røgeberg, Ole and Rune ElvikThe effects of cannabis intoxication on motor vehicle collision revisited and revised2016Addiction [PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, Simen and Knut RøedDaylight and absenteeism - Evidence from Norway2015Economics and Human Biology vol 16, 73-80[PDF]
Kittelsen, Sverre A.C., Benny A. Winsnes, Kjartan S. Anthun, Fanny Goude, Øyvind Hope, Unto Hakkinen, Birgitte Kalseth, Jannie Kilsmark, Emma Medin, Clas Tehnberg, Hanna RattöDecomposing the productivity differences between hospitals in the Nordic countries2015Journal of Productivity Analysis vol 43(3),281-293[PDF] [DOI]
Røgeberg, OleDrug policy, values and the public health approach - four lessons from drug policy reform movements2015Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs vol 32, 347-364[DOI]
Førsund FR, Edvardsen DF, Kittelsen SACProductivity of tax offices in Norway2015Journal of Productivity Analysis 43 (3), 269-279[DOI]
Kittelsen SAC, Anthun KS, Goude F, Huitfeldt IMS, Häkkinen U, Kruse M, Medin E, Rättö H, Rehnberg CCosts and quality at the hospital level in Nordic countries2015Health Economics 24(Suppl. 2): 140-163[PDF] [DOI]
Heijink R, Engelfriet P, Rehnberg C, Kittelsen SAC, Häkkinen UA window on regional variation in healthcare: insights from EuroHOPE2015Health Economics 24(Suppl. 2): 164–177[PDF] [DOI]
Fevang, Elisabeth, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedThe Sick Pay Trap2014Journal of Labor Economics 32(2), 305-336[PDF]
Dalen, Dag Morten, Marilena Locatelli, Enrico Sorisio, Steinar StrømDoes the Identity of the Third-Party Payer Matter for Prescribing Doctors?2014Applied Economics and Finance vol 1(1), 39-54[PDF]
Nævdal, EricOptimal Screening for Genetic Diseases2014Economics and Human Biology Vol 15, 129-139[PDF]
Biørn, Erik, Simen Gaure, Simen Markussen and Knut RøedThe Rise in Absenteeism: Disentangling the Impacts of Cohort, Age and Time2013Journal of Population Economics Vol 26(4), 1585-1608[PDF]
Medin, Emma, Unto Häkkinen, Miika Linna, Kjartan S. Anthun, Sverre A.C. Kittelsen, Clas RehnbergInternational hospital productivity comparison: experiences from the Nordic countries2013Health Policy 112, 80-87.[PDF] [DOI]
Henden E, Melberg HO and Røgeberg OJAddiction: choice or compulsion?2013frontiers - in addictive disorders and behavioral dyscontrol Vol 4:77[PDF]
Markussen, Simen, Knut Røed and Ole RøgebergThe changing of the guards - can family doctors contain worker absenteeism?2013Journal of Health Economics Vol 32(6), 1230-1239[PDF] [DOI]
Røgeberg, OleCorrelations between cannabis use and IQ change in the Dunedin cohort are consistent with confounding from socioeconomic status2013Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Vol 110(11), 4251-4254[PDF] [DOI]
Markussen, SimenThe individual cost of sick leave2012Journal of Population Economics Vol 25(4), 1287-1306[PDF]
Brekke, Kjell Arne og Snorre KverndokkInadequate Bivariate Measures of Health Inequality: The Impact of Income Distribution2012The Scandinavian Journal of Economics Vol 114(2): 323-333.[PDF]
Olsen, Jan Abel, Ole Røgeberg and Knut StavemWhat explains willingness-to-pay for smoking-cessation treatments: Addiction level, quit rate effectiveness or the opening bid?2012Applied Health Economics and Health Policy Vol 10(6), 407-415[PDF]
Markussen, Simen og Ole RøgebergSykefravær rundt større livshendelser2012Tidsskriftet Den norske legeforening Vol 132(10), 1231-1234[PDF]
Iversen, Tor og Sverre A.C. KittelsenChallenges in health care financing and provision2012Nordic Economic Policy Review No. 2[PDF]
Brekke, K.R., D.M. Dalen og S. StrømShould pharmaceutical costs be curbed?2012Nordic Economic Policy Review 2, 1-27[PDF]
Røgeberg, Ole and Hans Olav MelbergAcceptance of unsupported claims about reality - A blind spot in economics2011Journal of Economic Methodology Vol 18(1), 29-52[PDF]
Medin E, Anthun KS, Häkkinen U, Kittelsen SAC, Linna M, Magnussen J, Olsen K, Rehnberg CCost efficiency of university hospitals in the Nordic countries: a cross-country analysis2011European Journal of Health Economics 12(6), 509-519[PDF] [DOI]
Halsteinli, Vidar, Sverre A.C. Kittelsen and Jon MagnussenProductivity Growth In Outpatient Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services: The Impact Of Case-Mix Adjustment2010Social Science & Medicine 70 (3) 439-446[PDF] [DOI]
Miika Linna, Unto Häkkinen, Mikko Peltola, Jon Magnussen, Kjartan S. Anthun, Sverre Kittelsen, Annette Roed, Kim Olsen, Emma Medin and Clas RehnbergMeasuring cost efficiency in the Nordic Hospitals -a cross-sectional comparison of public hospitals in 20022010Health Care Management Science 13(4): 346-357.[PDF] [DOI]
Melberg, Hans Olav og Ole J. RøgebergRational addiction theory: A survey of opinions2010Journal of Drug Policy Analysis vol 3(1), article 5[PDF]
Asheim, G.B., A.W. Emblem og T. NilssenHealth insurance: Medical treatment vs disability payment2010Research in Economics (Ricerche Economiche) vol 64(3), 137-145[PDF] [DOI]
Brekke, K.A., and K. NyborgSelfish Bakers, Caring Nurses? A Model of Work Motivation2010Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 75, 377-394[PDF]
Førsund, Finn R., Sverre A. C. Kittelsen, Vladimir E. KrivonozhkoFarrell Revisited: Visualising properties of DEA Production Frontiers2009Journal of the Operational Reseach Society 60, 1535-1545[PDF] [DOI]
Di Tommaso, M. L., S. Strøm and E. M. SætherNurses wanted: Is the job too harsh or is the wage too low?2009Journal of Health Economics Vol 28(3), 748-57
Edvardsen, D. F., F.R. Førsund and S.A.C. KittelsenFar out or alone in the crowd: A taxonomy of peers in DEA2008Journal of Productivity Analysis Vol 29: 201-210[PDF] [DOI]
Barrett, Scott and Michael HoelOptimal Disease Eradication2007Environment and Development Economics 12, 627-652[DOI]
Førsund, F.R. and Zanola, RThe art of benchmarking: Picasso prints and auction house perfomance2007Applied Economics 38(12), 1425-1434[PDF]
Førsund, F.R. and Zanola, R.DEA meets Picasso: the impact of auction houses on the hammer price2007Annals of Operations Research 145, 149-165[PDF]
Førsund, F.R., Hjalmarsson, L., Krivonozhko, V.E., Utkin, O.B.Calculation of scale elasticities in DEA models: direct and indirect Approaches2007Journal of Productivity Analysis 28(1/2),45-56
Dalen, Dag Morten, Steinar Strøm og Tonje HaabethPrice regulation and generic competition in the pharmaceutical market2006European Journal of Health Economics Vol 7, No3, 208-214
Hoel, MichaelCost-effectiveness analysis in the health sector when there is a private alternative to public treatment2006CESifo Economic Studies 52: 500 - 512
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Dalen, Dag Morten Dalen, Tonje Haabeth and Steinar StrømPrice regulation and generic competition in the pharmaceutical market2006The European Journal of Health Economics No. 3
Hoel, M., T. Iversen, T. Nilssen and J. VislieGenetic testing in competitive insurance markets with repulsion from chance: A welfare analysis2006Journal of Health Economics 25, 847-860
Strand, J.Individual and household value of mortality reductions with intra-household bargaining2005Journal of Risk and Uncertainty forthcoming
Nordberg, Morten and Ole RøgebergA defence of absurd theories in economics2005Journal of Economic Methodology Vol 12, no 4, pp 543-62
Gjerde, Jon, Sverre Grepperud and Snorre KverndokkOn adaptation and the demand for health2005Applied Economics vol. 37, s. 1283-1301
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Hoel, MichaelAllocating health care resources when people are risk averse with respect to life time2003Health Economics 12, 601-608
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Asheim, Geir B., Anne Wenche Eblem and Tore NilssenDeductibles in Health Insurance: Pay or Pain?2003[PDF]
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Eide, ErlingOptimal Provision of Public Goods with Rank Dependent Expected Utility2003
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Hoel, Michael and Tor IversenGenetic testing when there is a mix of compulsory and voluntary health insurance2002Journal of Health Economics No 21, 253-270
Michael Hoel and Tor IversenGenetic testing when there is a mix of public and private health insurance2001Journal of Health Economics [DOI]
Halsteinli, Vidar, Jon Magnussen, Sverre A.C. KittelsenScale, efficiency and organization in Norwegian psychiatric outpatient clinics for children2001Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics 4 (2), 79-90.
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Book chapter

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Carbone, J. and S. KverndokkIndividual investments in education and health - Policy responses and interactions2017in K. Bolin, B. Lindgren, M. Grossman (eds): Human Capital and Health Behaviour, Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research, Volume 26, Emerald Group Publishing, forthcoming[PDF] [DOI]
Dalen, D.M. og S. StrømThe pharmaceutical market in Norway2006In L. Sørgård (ed): Competition and Welfare: The Norwegian Experience. Bergen: Konkurransetilsynet pp 51-70
Edvardsen, Dag Fjeld, Finn R. Førsund, Wiljar Hansen, Sverre A.C. Kittelsen and Thor NeurauterProductivity and Regulatory Reform of Norwegian Electricity Distribution Utilities2006in "Performance Measurement And Regulation Of Network Utilities", edited by Tim Coelli and Denis Lawrence, Edward Elgar[PDF]
Due Andresen, K., T. Ognedal and S. StrømThe shadow economy in Norway 1980-2003: Some empirical evidences from voluntary sample surveys2005in C. Bajada and F. Schneider (eds): Size, causes and consequences of the underground economy, Ashgate Publishing Ltd, Aldershot, England and Burlington, USA, 139-156
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This series is published by the Department of Economics, University of Oslo, in cooperation with the Frisch Centre. The list below only contains those memoranda written in connection with projects at the Frisch Centre. A complete list of memoranda is found at

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Markussen, Simen og Marte StrømThe effects of motherhood2015[PDF]
Biørn, ErikAge-Cohort-Time Effects in Sickness Absence: Exploring a Large Data Set by Polynomial Regression2013[PDF]
Biørn, ErikIdentifying Age-Cohort-Time Effects, Their Curvature and Interactions from Polynomials: Examples Related to Sickness Absence2013[PDF]
Biørn, ErikIdentifying Trend and Age Effects in Sickness Absence from Individual Data: Some Econometric Problems2010[PDF]
Markussen, SimenClosing the Gates? Evidence from a Natural Experiment on Physicians’ Sickness Certification2009[PDF]
Førsund, Finn R., Dag Fjeld Edvardsen, Sverre A. C. Kittelsen and Frode LindsethProductivity of Tax Offices in Norway2009[PDF]
Dalen, Dag Morten, Kari Furu, Marilena Locatelli and Steinar StrømGeneric substitution2008[PDF]
Di Tommaso, M. L., S. Strøm and E. M. SætherNurses wanted. Is the job too harsh or is the wage too low?2008[PDF]
Førsund, Finn R., Sverre A. C. Kittelsen, Vladimir E. KrivonozhkoFarrell Revisited: Visualising the DEA Production Frontier2007[PDF]
Sorisio, Enrico and Steinar StrømInnovation and Market Dynamics in the EPO Market2006[PDF]
Dalen, Dag Morten, Steinar Strøm og Tonje HaabethPrice regulation and generic competition in the pharmaceutical market2005[PDF]
Førsund, Finn R., Sverre A.C. Kittelsen and Frode LindsethEfficiency and Productivity of Norwegian tax Offices2005[PDF]
Hoel, MichaelPrioritizing public health expenditures when there is a private alternative2005[PDF]
Due-Andresen, KariTax evasion and labour supply in Norway in 2003: Structural models versus flexible functional form models2005[PDF]
Jørgensen, Øystein, Tone Ognedal and Steinar StrømLabor supply when tax evasion is an option2005[PDF]
Razzolini, TizianoThe Norwegian market for pharmaceuticals and the non-mandatory substitution reform of 2001: the case of enalapril2004[PDF]
Shima, IsildaThe shadow economy in Norway: Demand for currency approach2004[PDF]
Eide, ErlingOptimal Provision of Public Goods with Rank Dependent Expected Utility2003[PDF]
Førsund, Finn R. and Dag Fjeld EdvardsenInternational Benchmarking of Electricity Distribution Utilities2001[PDF]
Kittelsen, Sverre A.C., Guri Galtung Kjæserud and Odd Jarle KvammeErrors in Survey Based Quality Evaluation Variables in Efficiency Models of Primary Care Physicians2001[PDF]
Hoel, Michael and Erik Magnus SætherPrivate health care as a supplement to a public health system with waiting time for treatment2000[PDF]
Geir B. Asheim, Anne Wenche Emblem and Tore NilssenHealth Insurance: Treatment vs. Compensation2000[PDF]
Hoel, Michael and Tor IversenGenetic testing when there is a mix of public and private health insurance2000[PDF]
Førsund, Finn R. and Espen ErlandsenEfficiency in the Provision of Municipal Nursing-and Home-Care Services: The Norwegian Experience1999[PDF]
Moene, Karl Ove and Michael WallersteinInequality, Social Insurance and Redistribution1999
Førsund, Finn R. and Kjell Ove KalhagenEfficiency and Productivity of Norwegian Colleges1999[PDF]
Strøm, SteinarThe Economics of Screening Programs1999[PDF]
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HERO Working Paper

HERO is the Health economics research programme at the University of Oslo. Here you will only find the publications written by authors here at the Frisch Centre. A complete list is located at

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Anthun, K.S., S.A.C. Kittelsen, J. MagnussenProduktivitet i spesialisthelsetjenesten2016[PDF]
Kverndokk, S. and H. O. MelbergUsing fees to reduce bed-blocking: A game between hospitals and care providers2016[PDF]
Kittelsen, Sverre A.C. et al.Decomposing the productivity differences between hospitals in the Nordic countries2013[PDF]
Brekke, K. A., L. Grünfeld and S. KverndokkExplaining the Health Equality Paradox of the Welfare State2011[PDF]
Brekke, Kjell Arne and Snorre KverndokkHealth inequality in Nordic Welfare states - More inequality or the wrong measures?2009[PDF]
Kittelsen, Sverre A.C., Jon Magnussen, Kjartan Sarheim Anthun, Unto Häkkinen, Miika Linna, Emma Medin, Kim Rose Olsen and Clas RehnbergHospital productivity and the Norwegian ownership reform - A Nordic comparative study2008[PDF]
Brekke, K.A. og K. NyborgBakers, Caring Nurses? A Model of Work Motivation2008
Hagen, T.P., Iversen, T., Kittelsen, S.A.C.Laboratorie- og røntgenvirksomheten i kjølvannet av sykehusreformen: Mer privatisering og lavere kostnader?2007[PDF]
Kittelsen, S.A.C., Magnussen, J., Anthun, K.S.Sykehusproduktivitet etter statlig overtakelse: En nordisk komparativ analyse2007[PDF]
Kverndokk, SnorreSammenhengen mellom inntekt, inntektsulikhet og helse2006[PDF]
Dalen, D.M., T. Haabeth og S. StrømPrice regulation and generic competition in the pharmaceutical market2006[PDF]
Hagen, Terje Per, Tor Iversen og Sverre AC KittelsenKartlegging av produksjon og kostnader til offentlige og private leverandører av laboratorie- og røntgentjenester2005[PDF]
Hoel, MichaelCost-effectiveness analysis in the health sector when there is a private alternative to public treatment2005[PDF]
Hernæs, Kjersti HeleneMeasuring the Quality of Hospital Services Hospital Specific Factors and Individual Evaluations2005[PDF]
Knut Røed and Elisabeth FevangOrganisational Change, Absenteeism and Welfare Dependency2005[PDF]
Sæther, Erik MagnusWage Policies for Health Personnel - Essays on the Wage Impact on Hours of Work and Practice Choice2005[PDF]
Røgeberg, Ole J.Taking absurd theories seriously. 3 essays on rational choice theory and welfare analysis2004[PDF]
Sæther, Erik MagnusCompensating differentials for nurses2004[PDF]
Sæther, Erik MagnusNurses’ labor supply with endogenous choice of care level and shift type A nested discrete choice model with nonlinear income2004[PDF]
Sæther, Erik MagnusWill increased wages increase nurses’ working hours in the health care sector?2004[PDF]
Zhu, WeizhenValuation of life: a study using discrete choice analysis2004[PDF]
Strand, J.Individual and household value of mortality reductions with intrahousehold bargaining2004[PDF]
Barrett, Scott and Michael HoelOptimal Disease Eradication2003[PDF]
Hoel, MichaelEr verdien av liv høyere for de rike og friske enn for de fattige og syke?2003[PDF]
Strand, JonValuing statistical lives from observations of speed limits and driving behavior2003[PDF]
Sæther, Erik MagnusA Discrete Choice Analysis of Norwegian Physicians’ Labor Supply and Sector Choice.2003
Nordberg, Morten and Ole RøgebergDefence of Absurd Theories in Economics2003[PDF]
Nordberg, Morten and Knut RøedAbsenteeism, Health Insurance, and Business Cycles2003[PDF]
Roseng, Erik H.En effektivitetsanalyse av privatpraktiserende fysioterapeuter i Asker og Bærum2003[PDF]
Carbone, J., S. Kverndokk og O. J. RøgebergSmoking and Health Investments: Impacts of Health Adaptation and Damage Reversibility2003[PDF]
Dalen, D.M.Legemiddelmarkedet etter apotekreformen: Regulering. markedsstruktur og konkurranse2003[PDF]
Halsteinli, Vidar, Jon Magnussen and Sverre A.C. KittelsenProductivity growth in Norwegian psychiatric outpatient clinics A panel data analysis of the period 1996-20012003[PDF]
Kittelsen, Sverre A.C. and Jon MagnussenEconomies of scope in Norwegian hospitalproduction - A DEA analysis2003[PDF]
Edvardsen, Dag Fjeld, Finn R. Førsund and Sverre AC. KittelsenFar out or alone in the crowd: Classification of self-evaluators in DEA2003[PDF]
Kittelsen, Sverre A.C., og Erik H. RosengFysioterapitjenesten i Asker og Bærum Kvalitet, tilgjengelighet og effektivitet2002[PDF]
Kittelsen, Sverre A.C., Jon Magnussen og Fredrik Niclas PiroHva betyr forskning, utdanning og reisetid for sykehusenes kostnader?2002[PDF]
Asheim, Geir B., Tore Nilssen and Anne Wenche EmblemDeductibles in Health Insurance: Pay or Pain?2002[PDF]
Hoel, Micheal, Tor Iversen, Tore Nilssen and Jon VislieGenetic testing and repulsion from chance2002[PDF]
Biørn, E., Hagen, T.P, Iversen, T. & J. MagnussenThe effect of activity-based financing on hospital efficiency: A panel data analysis of DEA efficiency scores 1992-20002002[PDF]
Strand, JonPublic- and private-good values of statistical lives - Results from a combined choice-experiment and contingent-valuation survey2002[PDF]
Kittelsen, S.A.C., Kjæserud, G.G., & O.J.KvammeErrors in Survey Based Quality Evaluation Variables in Efficiency Models of Primary Care Physicians2001[PDF]
Hoel, MichaelAllocating health care resources when people are risk averse with respect to life time2001[PDF]
Hoel, MichaelEfficient use of health care resources: The interaction between improved health and reduced health related income loss2001[PDF]
Halsteinli, Vidar, Jon Magnussen, Sverre A.C. KittelsenScale, efficiency and organization in Norwegian psychiatric outpatient clinics for children2001[PDF]
Gjerde, J., S. Grepperud og S. KverndokkOn adaptation, life-extension possibilities and the demand for health2001[PDF]
Vislie, J.Incentive Contracts for Public Health Care Provision under Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard2001[PDF]
Dalen, D.M., E.R. Moen and C. RiisDesigning Competition in Health Care Markets2001[PDF]
Dalen, D.M., E.R. Moen and C. RiisPoliticians and soft budget constraints2001[PDF]
Asheim, G., A.W. Emblem and T. NilssenHealth Insurance: Treatment vs. Compensation2001[PDF]
Kjæserud, Guri GaltungInkludering av pasienters vurderinger i en effektivitetsanalyse av norske allmenpraktikere - korrigering av feil i variable i DEA2000[PDF]
Hoel, Michael and E.M. SætherPrivate health care as a supplement to a public health system with waiting time for treatment2000[PDF]
Kvinge, Bjørnar A.Pengene eller Livet? -en studie av betalingsvillighet for livreddende helseprosjekter2000[PDF]
Kverndokk, SnorreWhy do people demand health?2000[PDF]
Kopperud, Gry StineBetalingsvillighet for behandlingsgaranti - analyse av en befolkningsundersøkelse2000[PDF]
Kittelsen, Sverre A. C. and Jon MagnussenTesting DEA Models of Efficiency in Norwegian Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics1999[PDF]
Hoel, Michael and Tor IversenImpact of the public/private mix of health insurance on genetic testing1999[PDF]
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Frisch Report

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Drange, Nina, Øystein M. Hernæs, Simen Markussen, Inger Oterholm, Oddbjørn Raaum, Tor SlettebøRapport Delprosjekt 1: Beskrivende analyser – barn og familier i barnevernet2021[PDF]
Drange, Nina og Øystein M. HernæsKvantitativ beskrivelse av institusjonspopulasjonen2020[PDF]
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Hauge, Karen, Simen Markussen, Oddbjørn Raaum og Marte UlvestadKan kjønnsforskjellen i sykefravær forklares av holdninger, normer og preferanser?2015[PDF]
Edvardsen, Dag Fjeld, Finn R. Førsund og Sverre A. C. KittelsenProduktivitetsanalyse av Universitets- og Høgskolesektoren 2004 - 20132014[PDF]
Førsund, Finn R. og Sverre A.C. KittelsenProduktivitetsutviklingen etter NAV-reformen2014[PDF]
Hassink, Wolter and Julia van den BemdPrivatization of the absenteeism scheme: Experiences from the Netherlands2012[PDF]
Førsund, Finn R. og Sverre A.C. KittelsenProduktivitet i skatteetaten 2006-2009 med regioner som enhet2010[PDF]
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von der Fehr, Nils-Henrik M.Effektiv måloppnåelse - En analyse av utvalgte politiske målsetninger2006[PDF]
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Hylland, AanundFinansiering av tros- og livssynssamfunn2006[PDF]
Haabeth, TonjeEn empirisk analyse av indeksprissystemet i det norske legemiddelmarkedet2005[PDF]
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Barth, Erling og Tone OgnedalMarkeder med svart arbeid2004[PDF]
Brekke, Kjell ArneRealopsjoner og fleksibilitet i store offentlige investeringsprosjekter2004[PDF]
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Edvardsen, Dag Fjeld, Finn R. Førsund og Eline AasEffektivitet i pleie- og omsorgssektoren2000[PDF]
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Frisch Working Paper

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Gaure, SimenDummy-encoding Inherently Collinear Variables2012[PDF]
Treble, JohnSickness and the Labour Market2011[PDF]
Førsund, F.R. og S.A.C. KittelsenAnalyseopplegg for å kunne måle om reorganisering av skatteetaten fører til en mer effektiv ressursbruk2008[PDF]
Dahl, Øyvind JohanArbeidsledighet og svart arbeid En empirisk analyse 1980-20032004[PDF]
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Other journals

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Iversen, Tor, Sofie Waage Skjeflo, Nina Bruvik Westberg og Henning ØienStatlige ambisjoner og lokale beslutninger i omsorgspolitikken2021Samfunnsøkonomen nr 1, 29-44[PDF]
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Iversen, Tor, Henning ØienTilpasning til brukerbetaling for omsorgstjenester2019Samfunnsøkonomen 133(6), 68-77
Markussen, Simen og Knut RøedEn ny og smartere sykelønnsordning?2018Samfunnsøkonomen Nr 1, 13-22[PDF]
Markussen, Simen, Marte Strøm, Sara CoolsMenns og kvinners sykefravær: Hvilken rolle spiller antall barn?2015Søkelys på arbeidslivet Nr 4, 325-343[PDF]
Markussen, Simen, Marte E. Ulvestad, Oddbjørn Raaum, Karen E. HaugeKan kjønnsforskjellen i sykefravær forklares av holdninger, normer og preferanser?2015Søkelys på arbeidslivet Årgang 32 Nr 4 2015 s298[PDF]
Kverndokk, SØkonomisk kompensasjon for pårørendeomsorg2012Samfunnsøkonomen nr. 2, 17-23
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Sæther, Erik MagnusOffentlig kjøp av private helsetjenester2001Økonomisk forum 4, 16-20[PDF]
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Other publications

Author (s):Title:Year:Reference:Link:
Rødseth, Kenneth Løvold, Finn Førsund, Rasmus Bøgh Holmen, Sverre A.C. KittelsenForbedringspotensial ved måling av effektivitet i kommunal sektor2022TØI rapport 1879/2022[PDF]
Hernæs, Øystein M.Virkninger av rusreform2021Stat & Styring Vol 30(3), s 32-35[PDF] [DOI]
Emanuelsson, NatalieProductivity and Quality Analysis of Norwegian Hospital Mergers2020Masterthesis[PDF]
Rødseth, Kenneth Løvold, Rasmus Bøgh Holmen, Finn R. Førsund og Sverre A.C. KittelsenEffektivitet og produktivitet i norsk veibygging 2007-20162019Rapport nr 57[PDF]
Fevang, ElisabethEconomic Incentives, Employment and Health2019Doktorgradsavhandling, Universitetet i Bergen.[PDF]
Bakke, Elise EmilsenQuality and costs at the hospital level in Norway - Does there exist a trade-off between quality and costs at Norwegian hospitals?2019Thesis for the Master of Philosophy Degree in Health Economics, Policy and Management, HELED, UiO[PDF]
De Haan, M. and Schreiner, R.C.The Intergenerational Transmission of Welfare Dependency2018CReAM discussion paper series CDP 10/18[PDF]
Ku, H., Schoenberg, U. and Schreiner, R.C.How Do Firms Respond to Place-Based Tax Incentives?2018CReAM discussion paper series CPD 11/18[PDF]
Carbone, J., S. KverndokkIndividual investments in education and health - Policy responses and interactions2016CESifo WP no 6154[PDF]
Markussen, S., K. Røed, R.C. SchreinerCan Compulsory Dialogues Nudge Sick-Listed Workers Back to Work?2015IZA Discussion Paper 9090[PDF]
The EuroHOPE study groupSummary of the findings of the EuroHOPE project2014[PDF]
Røgeberg, OleHasj, IQ og statistikk2013Minervanett [PDF]
Markussen, Simen, Ole Røgeberg, og Knut RøedThe Changing of the Guards: Can Physicians Contain Social Insurance Costs?2013IZA Discussion Paper no 7122[PDF]
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Dalen, Dag Morten, Marilena Locatelli, Enrico Sorisio og Steinar StrømA Probability Approach to Pharmaceutical Demand and Price Setting: Does the Identity of the Third-Party Payer Matters for Prescribing Doctors?2011CES Working paper serie, no 3643[PDF]
Fevang, Elisabeth, Simen Markussen og Knut RøedThe Sick Pay Trap2011IZA Discussion paper no 5655[PDF]
Dalen, Dag Morten, Enrico Sorisio and Steinar StrømChoosing among Competing Blockbusters: Does the Identity of the Third-Party Payer Matter for Prescribing Doctors?2010CESifo Working paper no. 3227[PDF]
Biørn, Erik, Simen Gaure, Simen Markussen and Knut RøedThe Rise in Absenteeism: Disentangling the Impacts of Cohort, Age and Time2010IZA DP No. 5091[PDF]
Dalen, Dag Morten, Marilena Locatelli and Steinar StrømLongitudinal Analysis of Generic Substitution2010CESifo Working paper no. 3176[PDF]
Markussen, Simen, Arnstein Mykletun and Knut RøedThe Case for Presenteeism2010IZA DP No. 5343[PDF]
Markussen, SimenClosing the gates? - Evidence from a natural experiment on physicians’ sickness certification2009[PDF]
Markussen, SimenHow physicians can reduce sick leave - evidence from a natural experiment2009[PDF]
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Hagen, Terje P., Iversen, Tor og Sverre A.C. KittelsenHelseøkonomiske forskningsprogram (HERO). Kartlegging av produksjon og kostnader til offentlige og private leverandører av laboratorie- og røntgentjenester2005Undervedlegg til Riksrevisjonen Dokument nr. 3:3 (2005-2006)
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Emblem, A.W, G. Asheim and T. NilssenHealt insuranse: treatment vs. Compensation1999Arbeidsnotat nr 5 Høgskolen i Agder[PDF]
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­  Only active projects
Number:Title:Project manager:
2101The conflict between efficiency and legitimacyKalle Moene
2102Quality and efficiency analysis in the public sectorFinn Førsund
2103Public or private provision?Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr
2104Tax Evasion in NorwayErling Eide
2105Survey on undeclared workTone Ognedal
2106Regulation of energy utilities and the development of new, and efficient energy sources for the futureDag Morten Dalen
2107Oslo Fiscal Studies - A Centre for Empirical Research in Public FinanceOddbjørn Raaum
2121Efficiency in construction sectorFinn Førsund
2122Evaluation of the effect of the welfare system reform: EfficiencySverre A. C. Kittelsen
2123Lærende kontrollvirksomhet for å sikre riktig refusjon fra helserefusjonsrdningenAndreas Kotsadam
2141Income Shifting and Transfer PricingJohn Christian Langli
2142Revelation of tax evasion by random auditsErling Eide
2143Tax evasion before and after the tax reform of 1992Steinar Strøm
2171Efficiency, growth and firm exitsRolf Golombek
2201Productivity in police districtsFinn Førsund
2202Efficiency analysis of the employment offices based on DEASverre A. C. Kittelsen
2204Efficiency of municipal primary careFinn Førsund
2206Analysis of efficiency in the Norwegian collegesFinn Førsund
2301Efficiency and productivity in Nordic electricity distributionLennart Hjalmarsson
2302Efficiency and productivity in Nordic bankingFinn Førsund
2321Monitoring of efficiency and productivity studies of the state collegesFinn Førsund
2341Concept - Incentive Mechanisms and contract managementDag Morten Dalen
2361Critical analysis of state resources - pilot projectFinn Førsund
2362Efficiency analysis in the public sectorFinn Førsund
2363Updated analysis of productivity in higher educationFinn Førsund
2364Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
2365Vurdering av effektivitetsanalyser for kommunal sektorSverre A. C. Kittelsen
2411Tax Evasion in NorwayErling Eide
2412Productivity Analysis in Tax AdministrationFinn Førsund
2413Productivity studies in the Norwegian Tax AdministrationFinn Førsund
2414Efficiency and productivity in the Norwegian Tax Administration: Does reorganization lead to more efficient resource utilization?Finn Førsund
2431Costs and prices in the rail networkSteinar Strøm
2441Market simulationsRolf Golombek
2442Competition in the aviationSteinar Strøm
2491How should religious communities be financed?Rolf Golombek
2721Finn Førsund
4101Economics of healthSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4102Absenteeism and medical diagnosisKnut Røed
4103Social status and health inequality in the nordic welfare modelSnorre Kverndokk
4104The market for PharmaceuticalsSteinar Strøm
4105Panel data analysis of labor market related to healthSteinar Strøm
4106Cost per life-year CurveOle Røgeberg
4107The labor supply of physicians and nursesSteinar Strøm
4111Government financing of drug consumption in Norway and the markets for pharmaceuticalsSteinar Strøm
4112More for less: Why is Norway special?Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
4114Biopharmaceuticals in European hospitalsSteinar Strøm
4115The effect of DRG-based financing on hospitalSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4116Incentives, Efficiency and Quality of Care in Long Term Care For The ElderlySverre A. C. Kittelsen
4117Effects of Child Welfare ServicesØystein M. Hernæs
4118Norwegian Centre for Health Service Research - NORCHER (Frisch parner)Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
4119Fee-for-service funding of primary care: Adverse side effects for patients and society?Simen Markussen
4131Evaluation of the hospital reformSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4132Absenteeism in Norway - Causes, Censequences, and Policy ImplicationsKnut Røed
4133Absenteeism - Disability, Norms and InterventionsOle Røgeberg
4134Disentangling absence patternsSimen Markussen
4135Combining Work and Care for Older ParentsElisabeth Fevang
4141Addiction, Choice and Responsible AgencyOle Røgeberg
4142Personal Autonomy, Addiction and Mental DisorderOle Røgeberg
4143Values, beliefs and policy options: Beyond prevalence-centric prohibitionsOle Røgeberg
4151Results of the coordination reform: Better health, better health services, better economics?Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
4152Controversies in Psychiatry: Coercive measures and medicationSimen Markussen
4161Armed Conflict and Health in AfricaAndreas Kotsadam
4163Socioeconomic risk groups, vaccination and pandemic influenzaOle Røgeberg
4164Hearing loss, work and societal costs: a longitudinal population studyBernt Bratsberg
4201Economics of scope in health services production - Evaluation of regional health cooperationSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4221EuroHOPE - European Health Care Outcomes, Performance and EfficiencySverre A. C. Kittelsen
4222LifebrainOle Røgeberg
4321Centre for Research on Pandemics & Society - PansocOle Røgeberg
4330Norms and priorities of sickness absenceKaren Evelyn Hauge
4341Sin taxesOle Røgeberg
4371Income, income inequality and healthSnorre Kverndokk
4411Benchmarking of fysiotherapy in Bærum municipalitySverre A. C. Kittelsen
4421Shift work and sick leaveElisabeth Fevang
4441Medical DrugsDag Morten Dalen
4451Payments to private suppliers of health laboratory servicesSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4452Price regulation of drugsSteinar Strøm
4481Disabled peopleRolf Golombek
4482A comparison of activity, costs and productivity in specialised health care in Norway and other Nordic countriesSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4483Analysis of specialist care in the Nordic countriesSverre A. C. Kittelsen
4511Price regulation in the pharmaceutical marketDag Morten Dalen
4821Children, youth and families in the child welfare servicesØystein M. Hernæs
4901Criminalization of drug use - consequences for user behavior.Ole Røgeberg


Bernt Bratsberg
Senior Research Fellow
9221 3803
Maria Laura Di Tommaso
+39 011-67024411
Elisabeth Fevang
Senior Research Fellow
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Finn Førsund
Professor emeritus
2285 5132
Simen Gaure
Research Fellow
9711 7583
Rolf Golombek
Senior Research Fellow
9504 5696
Karen Evelyn Hauge
Senior Research Fellow
4142 9619
Michael Hoel
Professor emeritus
2285 8387
Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
Senior Research Fellow
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Andreas Kotsadam
Senior Research Fellow
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Snorre Kverndokk
Senior Research Fellow
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Simen Markussen
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Eric Nævdal
Senior Research Fellow
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Oddbjørn Raaum
Senior Research Fellow
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Knut Røed
Senior Research Fellow
4004 1862
Ole Røgeberg
Senior Research Fellow
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Steinar Strøm
Professor emeritus
4810 6894


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