True or not true: Carbon-free electricity generation is possible

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Gaure, Simen, Rolf Golombek




CREE skrifter
Number in series: 11


A key component in the transition to a low-emission society is radical emissions reductions in the electricity generation sector. The EU, for example, aims at reducing emissions from electricity plants by 95 percent as part of their goal of lowering total GHG emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050. Using re-analysis data for the period 2005-16 and simulations, we show how the EU can design an electricity generation sector where around 98 percent of total production is generated by wind power and solar. In our reference case, a large amount of batteries must be installed to make the system work. In the most demand hour in the period 2006-15, an amount of electricity corresponding to 5 percent of average annual consumption of electricity has to be stored in the batteries. Average annual use of batteries corresponds to 15 percent of average annual consumption of electricity


Oppdragsgiver: Norges forskningsråd
Oppdragsgivers prosjektnr.: 209698
Frisch prosjekt: 3100 - Oslo Center for Research on Environmentally friendly Energy (CREE)