Occupational crosswalk, data and language requirements

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Hoen, Maria Forthun




Frisch Arbeidsnotat
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In this technical paper, I describe how I create a crosswalk between the standard occupational classification systems in Nor-way and the U.S. I use the "Standard yrkesklassifisering, NOS C521" ("STYRK") from 1998 for the former, and the occupational taxonomy from the 2000 Census of Population and Housing for the latter. The crosswalk enables linking of Norwegian occupa-tions to worker and occupational characteristics from the O*NET database under the U.S. Department of Labor. From O*NET data, I construct a "language index" that ranks all occupations by the required level and importance of majority language skills, as well as several cognitive abilities measures, as explained in section 2. In section 3, I explain how I obtain data on workers’ occupa-tions from Norwegian register data starting in 2003. Occupation was gradually introduced as a variable in the Employer-Employee Register for a selection of employers in 2003. I supplement with occupation from the Wage Statistics survey from Statistics Nor-way, and with translations of position codes into occupations for employees in the public sector. I end with a brief description of the construction of mappings between the three standard industrial classification systems in the Norwegian register data after 1994 (SIC94, SIC2002 and SIC2007) in section 4. The occupational crosswalk is attached as a table in the ap-pendix. For other formats (csv, excel, dta) or further details on any of the technical issues, please contact the author.


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