Analysis of specialist care in the Nordic countries

Project managerSverre A. C. Kittelsen
ClientBeregningsutvalget for spesialisthelsetjenesten via SINTEF Helse
Client project no.
Period2010 - 2011 (ended)

Project description

In a project for the Norwegian Directorate of Health, SINTEF Helath and the Frisch Centre will: 1. To give an overview of the structure of the hospital sector in the four countries (including mental health care). Where the aim is to explore plausible explanations whether any structural differences contributes to the higher costs for specialised health care in Norway. 2. To make a simple mapping of the governing structures in the hospital sector in the four countries. How is the relation between owner and provider regulated? 3. Perform Case-studies in two hospitals in each country, and statistical analyses in search of explanations (other than structural) on why the Finnish hospitals are more efficient than hospitals in the other Nordic countries. The work is lead by SINTEF Health and carried out in collaboration with the Nordic Hospital Comparison Study Group (NHCSG). The Frisch Centre is primarily involved in subproject 3.


Other publications

Kalseth, Birgitte, Kjartan Sarheim Anthun, Øyvind Hope, Sverre A C Kittelsen og Benny Adam PerssonSpesialisthelsetjenesten i Norden. Sykehusstruktur, styringsstruktur og lokal arbeidsorganisering som mulig forklaring på kostnadsforskjeller mellom landene2011Rapport SINTEF A19615[PDF]