A comparison of activity, costs and productivity in specialised health care in Norway and other Nordic countries

Project managerSverre A. C. Kittelsen
Client project no.
Period2008 - 2009 (ended)

Project description

In a project for the Norwegian Directorate of Health SINTEF Health and the Frisch Centre seek to answer the questions: - Does Norway use more resources on specialist health than the other Nordic countires? - Do we have a larger or smaller utilisation of health services? - Does Norway get more value for money? - Is there a different development over time than in the other Nordic countries?


Other publications

Kittelsen, Sverre A.C., Kjartan Sarheim Anthun, Birgitte Kalseth, Jorid Kalseth, Vidar Halsteinli og Jon MagnussenEn komparativ analyse av spesialisthelsetjenesten i Finland, Sverige, Danmark og Norge: Aktivitet, ressursbruk og produktivitet 2005-20072009Rapport A12200, SINTEF, Trondheim[PDF]