Shift work and sick leave

Project managerElisabeth Fevang
Client project no.MAB2821
ParticipantsFidjeland Andreas
Elisabeth Fevang
Heidi Gautun
Anette Harris
Karen Evelyn Hauge
Otto Lillebø
Simen Markussen
Siv-Elisabeth Skjelbred
Torunn Wibe
Period2021 - 2023

Project description

Shift work is associated with increased risk of health problems and sickness absence. In recent years, a number of alternative shift work arrangements have been introduced in the health care sector. Utilizing administrative register data from Norway, we will investigate how different type of shift work arrangements affect sickness absence. The project will focus on nursing homes, where the sickness absence is particularly high. We will collect information about shift work arrangements in Norwegian nursing homes and study the causal mechanism behind these arrangements and sick leave. In addition, we will conduct a randomized controlled trial in a target sample of nursing homes where we will test the effect of a specific shift work arrangement.


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