EuroHOPE - European Health Care Outcomes, Performance and Efficiency

Project managerSverre A. C. Kittelsen
Client project no.241721
ParticipantsIngrid M.S. Huitfeldt
Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
Period2010 - 2013 (ended)

Project description

The focal point of EuroHOPE is the evaluation of five key public health problems or diseases: acute myocardial infarction, stroke, hip fracture, breast cancer, and low-birthweight infants. In Work package 8, led by the Frisch Centre, productivity will be related to quality of care using data from Nordic hospitals. EuroHOPE is financed by the European Union and falls under the seventh Framework Program (FP7) of the European Commission, and includes researcher from seven European countries. The EuroHOPE web page can be found at http://www.eurohope.info/ .


Scientific Journal

Medin, Emma, Unto Häkkinen, Miika Linna, Kjartan S. Anthun, Sverre A.C. Kittelsen, Clas RehnbergInternational hospital productivity comparison: experiences from the Nordic countries2013Health Policy 112, 80-87.[PDF] [DOI]

Other publications

The EuroHOPE study groupSummary of the findings of the EuroHOPE project2014[PDF]