Economics of scope in health services production - Evaluation of regional health cooperation

Project managerSverre A. C. Kittelsen
ClientSosial- og helsedepartement ved Sykehusavdelingen
Client project no.
Period2000 - 2005 (ended)

Project description

The Norwegian hospitals are mainly owned by counties which have recently been obliged to participate in formalised regional cooperation. The Department of Health intends that the reform will encourage specialisation, leading to greater productivity and which in turn will lead to patient satisfaction. This project focuses on the second of these effects; wether and to what extent specialisation between wards, hospitals and counties opens for increases in production and quality relative to resource usage. The primary method will be the of use non-parametric production set estimates and tests of the scope properties of these estimates.
This is a joint project with Jon Magnussen of SINTEF UNIMED NIS Health care research, and is part of HERO - Health Economics Research Programme at the University of Oslo.


HERO Working Paper

HERO is the Health economics research programme at the University of Oslo. Here you will only find the publications written by authors here at the Frisch Centre. A complete list is located at http://www.med.uio.no/helsam/forskning/nettverk/hero/publikasjoner/skriftserie/

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