Values, beliefs and policy options: Beyond prevalence-centric prohibitions

Project managerOle Røgeberg
ClientNorges forskningsråd
Client project no.240235
ParticipantsDaniel Bergsvik
Simen Gaure
Hans Olav Melberg
Period2015 - 2019

Project description

While drug policy was long dominated by a prevalence-focused criminal justice approach, recent years has seen increased policy variation as legislatures in America and Europe have adjusted policy to take account of the health and welfare of users, harms associated with illegal markets and the costs of enforcement policies. The project aims at improving the foundation for policy judgments. Drug policy is a complex field, in that policies have effects on a variety of different outcomes. Considered policy judgments will thus reflect values (the outcomes emphasized and their relative weight), causal models (harms, costs and benefits of policies), and which policy menu one sees as politically relevant. We will develop a sets of empirical indicators that measure current policy efforts and current outcomes, structured so as to improve policy by clarifying relevant tradeoffs. Finally, in line with the project's core idea that a broader set of outcomes need to be considered by policy, we will examine a broad set of social and economic outcomes of opiate maintenance treatment (OMT), and examine effects treatment programs may have on non-participants and overdose mortality through their effect on e.g. drug markets.


Scientific Journal

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