Evaluation of the hospital reform

Project managerSverre A. C. Kittelsen
ClientNorges forskningsråd
Client project no.
ParticipantsKjersti Hernæs
Period2005 - 2006 (ended)

Project description

The health economics groups in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim are involved in a common evaluation of the Norwegian state takeover of the previously county owned hospital sector. The Frisch Centre participates in to parts of the project. In collaberation with the Department of health management and health economics the use of private and public laboratories and x-ray clinics are evaluated. In a different collaboration with SINTEF Helse and NTNU, Nordic data on hospitals are used to illuminate wether the reform as affected the efficiency of the hospitals. This work also involves partners in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.


HERO Working Paper

HERO is the Health economics research programme at the University of Oslo. Here you will only find the publications written by authors here at the Frisch Centre. A complete list is located at http://www.med.uio.no/helsam/forskning/nettverk/hero/publikasjoner/skriftserie/

Hagen, T.P., Iversen, T., Kittelsen, S.A.C.Laboratorie- og røntgenvirksomheten i kjølvannet av sykehusreformen: Mer privatisering og lavere kostnader?2007No. 2[PDF]
Kittelsen, S.A.C., Magnussen, J., Anthun, K.S.Sykehusproduktivitet etter statlig overtakelse: En nordisk komparativ analyse2007No. 1[PDF]