The effect of DRG-based financing on hospital

Project managerSverre A. C. Kittelsen
ClientNFR via NTNU
Client project no.214338
ParticipantsIngrid M.S. Huitfeldt
Period2012 - 2015 (ended)

Project description

Despite widespread use little is known about the relationship between activity based financing and hospital performance. The project aims at providing a measure of productivity growth in Norwegian hospitals for the period 2000-2011/12 following the introduction of activity based financing in 1997. In addition, the project will attempt to establish a possible empirical relationship between the level of activity based financing and i) hospital productivity (growth), ii) service and medical quality, and iii) patient selection and DRG-creep. The project is undertaken in collaboration with NTNU and SINTEF.



Scientific Journal

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HERO Working Paper

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Other publications

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