Policy measures that can promote the development and use of environmental technology

Project managerSnorre Kverndokk
Client project no.
ParticipantsRolf Golombek
Mads Greaker
Snorre Kverndokk
Period2015 - 2015 (ended)

Project description

This project was commissioned by Green Tax Commission requesting a review of recent literature on policy instruments and the development of environmental technologies, and will probably be published as an appendix to the Green Tax Commission. We will try to answer the following questions: a) What drives the development of various environmental technologies? B) What is the nature and extent of market failures in the development of environmental technologies? C) Is the market for environmental technology significantly different from markets for other types of technologies? D) What does the literature recommend about policy instruments aimed at developing environmental technologies, particularly climate technologies? E) What does the literature say about the combination of support schemes and demand stimulating measures for the development of environmental technology? F) What does the literature indicate about the role of government in the various phases of technology development? This question should be discussed both generally and specifically for Norway (a small open economy).


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