Properties of different allocation rules for greenhouse gas emission quotas

Project managerSnorre Kverndokk
Client project no.
ParticipantsRolf Golombek
Michael Hoel
Ove Wolfgang
Period1999 - 1999 (ended)

Project description

As a following up of the Kyoto Protocol, Norway may introduce a national market for greenhouse gas emission quotas. One possible consequence of a quota market may be reduced profit in industries with a high emission level. This may give some undesirable implications such as reduced employment in regions with few alternative places of work. A free allocation of quotas is, therefore, one mean to reduce undesirable effects. Based on this, the Governmental appointed Quota Commission has asked the Frisch Centre to study the properties of different ways to allocate greenhouse gas quotas.


Frisch Report

Golombek, R., M. Hoel, S. Kverndokk, O. WolfgangEgenskaper ved tildelingsformer for nasjonale klimagasskvoter1999No. 2[PDF]