Sustainable transformation to sustainability

Project managerKatinka K. Holstmark
ClientNorges Forskningsråd
Client project no.268174
ParticipantsRolf Golombek
Mads Greaker
Bård Harstad
Karen Evelyn Hauge
Michael Hoel
Katinka K. Holstmark
Jon Hovi
Snorre Kverndokk
Christian Traeger
Period2017 - 2021

Project description

This project examines some of the key factors necessary to transform Norway to a low-emission society: - Policy choice: Which of the available climate policy options will be chosen and implemented in a democratic society? - Policy response: Green policies may fail to work as expected if actors respond differently to the policy than anticipated. How may social, psychological and other motivations influence the effects of common policy instruments in the climate field? - Green technology policy: Most investments in green R&D take place abroad. This suggests that Norway should have a two-sided strategy: push for international agreements that spur green R&D, and also implement domestic instruments to trigger more, and efficient, green R&D. How can an international green R&D agreement be designed, and how should Norway design its green R&D policy? - The interaction of policies for petroleum extraction and emission abatement: Extraction of Norwegian oil and gas tend to increase emissions of CO2, thereby undermining the goal of a reaching a low-emission society. However, extraction of natural gas may reduce the use of coal and thus contribute to lower global emissions in the short run. On the other hand, extraction of oil and natural gas reduce energy prices, which reduces incentives for investments in green R&D. How should Norway, with its stated goal of becoming a low-emissions society, balance these concerns?


Scientific Journal

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CREE Working Paper

CREE is the Oslo Centre for Environmentally friendly Energy. Here you will only find the publications written by authors here at the Frisch Centre. A complete list is located at https://www.cree.uio.no/publications/CREE_working_papers/

Kverndokk, Snorre, Erik Figenbaum, Jon HoviWould my driving pattern change if my neighbor were to buy an emissionfree car?2019No. 4[PDF]

Other publications

Hauge, K. E., S. Kverndokk and A. LangeWhy people oppose trade institutions – On morality, fairness and risky actions2021CESifo WP no.9456[PDF]
Holstmark, Katinka, Kristoffer MidttømmeThe Dynamics of Linking Permit Markets2019CESifo Working paper no 7548[PDF]
Kverndokk, S., E. Figenbaum and J. HoviWould my driving pattern change if my neighbor were to buy an emission-free car?2019CESifo working paper nr 7679[PDF]