Managing Thresholds and Uncertainty in Resource Economics

Project managerEric Nævdal
ClientNorges forskningsråd
Client project no.196199
ParticipantsSimen Gaure
Michael Oppenheimer
Jon Vislie
Period2010 - 2012 (ended)

Project description

The project aims at developing methods that enables the integration of scientific knowledge on threshold effects in natural systems into economic models of decision making. The focus is to close gaps in the mathematical theory of dynamic optimization required to solve problems where threshold effects are important. Examples of issues where threshold effects have been identified as important includes: Climate change, eutrophication, population harvesting and zootic epidemiological dynamics. The project aims to develop relevant mathematical techniques and show their usefulness by examining relevant applications in ecosystem management and climate change.


Scientific Journal

Nævdal, EricProductivity and Management of Renewable Resources: Why More Efficient Fishing Fleets Should Fish Less2022Environmental and Resource Economics Online[PDF] [DOI]
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Book chapter

Nævdal, EricSafe Minimum Standard (SMS)2013[PDF]


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Nævdal, EricCatastrophes and Expected Marginal Utility – How the Value of The Last Fish in a Lake is Infinity and Why We Shouldn’t Care (Much)2015No. 8[PDF]

CREE Working Paper

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Crépin, Anne-Sophie, Eric NævdalInertia in risk; improving economic models of catastrophes2017No. 2[PDF]

Frisch Report

Nævdal, Eric, Anders SkonhoftNew Insights from the Canonical Fisheries Model2018No. 3[PDF]