International Climate policies and induced technological change

Project managerRolf Golombek
ClientNorges forskningsråd
Client project no.
ParticipantsSnorre Kverndokk
Period2004 - 2005 (ended)

Project description

This project focuses on the connections between climate policies and induced technological change. It is a following-up of our SAMSTEMT project for the period 2001-2003 named “Klimaavtaler og teknologisk utvikling” (Climate treaties and technological change), project number 3112. This new project concentrates on international climate treaties and technology diffusion. Relevant problems are how domestic policies, as part of the international treaty, have impacts on R&D investments and abatement; how the diffusion of technologies are affected by different policy instruments and treaties; and how an international agreement on technology development may be self-enforcing.


Scientific Journal

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