Oslo Center for Research on Environmentally friendly Energy (CREE)

Project managerRolf Golombek
ClientNorges forskningsråd
Client project no.209698
ParticipantsCatherine Banet
Kjell Arne Brekke
Jared Carbone
Finn Førsund
Rolf Golombek
Bård Harstad
Karen Evelyn Hauge
Michael Hoel
Elisabeth Thuestad Isaksen
Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
Snorre Kverndokk
Hilde Hallre Le Tissier
Eric Nævdal
Ole Røgeberg
Steinar Strøm
Henning Hartmann Wahlquist
Tao Zhang
Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr
Period2011 - 2019

Project description

CREE will collect and develop knowledge on the effects of framework conditions in the energy market and on technological development, including innovation and the diffusion of technology for renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon capture and storage. The centre provides a basis for better framework conditions and policy instruments designed to reach the energy and climate goals established nationally and internationally. CREE will also strive to develop the methodological framework required to reach these goals.

Our portfolio is divided into five working packages studying international climate and energy policy, innovation and diffusion, markets and regulation, evaluation of policy measures, and development of numerical models. For more information, see: https://www.frisch.uio.no/prosjekter/cree/
And for publications https://www.frisch.uio.no/prosjekter/cree/publications/



Scientific Journal

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Book chapter

Banet, CatherineElectricity Network Tariffs Regulation and Distributive Energy Justice: Balancing the Need for New Investments and a Fair Energy Transition2020[PDF] [DOI]
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This series is published by the Department of Economics, University of Oslo, in cooperation with the Frisch Centre. The list below only contains those memoranda written in connection with projects at the Frisch Centre. A complete list of memoranda is found at http://urn.nb.no/URN:NBN:no-7118

Hauge, Karen and Ole RøgebergContributing to Public Goods as Individuals versus Group Representatives: Evidence of Gender Differences2014No. 16[PDF]
Hoel, MichaelSupply side climate policy and the green paradox2013No. 3[PDF]
Hoel, Michael and Aart de ZeeuwTechnology Agreements with Heterogeneous Countries2013No. 2[PDF]
Hoel, MichaelSecond-best Climate Policy2012No. 4[PDF]

CREE Working Paper

CREE is the Oslo Centre for Environmentally friendly Energy. Here you will only find the publications written by authors here at the Frisch Centre. A complete list is located at https://www.cree.uio.no/publications/CREE_working_papers/

Gaure, Simen, Rolf GolombekTrue or not true: Carbon-free electricity generation is possible2019No. 11[PDF]
Kverndokk, Snorre, Erik Figenbaum, Jon HoviWould my driving pattern change if my neighbor were to buy an emissionfree car?2019No. 4[PDF]
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Other journals

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Other publications

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