Updated analysis of productivity in higher education

Project managerFinn Førsund
Client project no.KD 1337 Arneberg
ParticipantsDag Fjeld Edvardsen
Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
Period2014 - 2015 (ended)

Project description

The Ministry of Education and Research will present a white paper on the structure of higher education. The Ministry (KD) participates in the secretariat of the Productivity Commission. In both these processes, the Ministry needs knowledge about the evolution of productivity in the higher education sector. The existing knowledge (Edvardsen et al 2010) is based on data up to 2008. After 2008 a lot has happened in the higher education sector to suggest that this analysis is outdated. KD has therefore asked the researchers behind this report to update the analysis with new data.


Scientific Journal

Edvardsen DF, Førsund FR, Kittelsen SaC.Productivity development of Norwegian institutions of higher education 2004-20132017Journal of the Operational Reseach Society 1-17[PDF] [DOI]

Frisch Report

Edvardsen, Dag Fjeld, Finn R. Førsund og Sverre A. C. KittelsenProduktivitetsanalyse av Universitets- og Høgskolesektoren 2004 - 20132014No. 3[PDF]