Public or private provision?

Project managerNils-Henrik M. von der Fehr
ClientNorges forskningsråd
Client project no.
Period1998 - 2002 (ended)

Project description

A constantly recurring subjekt in this project is to analyse alternative organisingmethods for production of public products and services. We are specially interested in comparing governmental administration companies, public limited companies and private companies efficiency-potential . Our (metodologiske?) foundation is that an organistations efficiency in very large degree depends in the incentiv structur of the management, the employees and the organisations owners. An important part of the project will exist of charting / case studies of the internal organising of companies with different kinds of owners: for example governmental administration companies, public limited companies and private companies. We want to chart the degree of autonomy for the management visa a versa the owners, the design of the employment contract, wage- and promotion arrangements, the incentives to raise the competence and so on in companies with the different owner types. In addition to the general charting described above, we want to focus on a few chosen fields. We want to concentrate about fields were the difference between private and public management is principally important and were privatisation of public activity is on the political agenda or will be on the agenda soon. Candidates to a more thorough analyses is found in sectors like old age welfare services, the banking- and financial business, the transit sector, the employment service, and airport management. An important part of the project will be about the development of new theory. The theoretic development will firstly focus on optimal organising of governmental production under realistic conditions about the possibilities and (beskrankningene) politicians and the regulations authority has to face. Secondly, we will study problems of competition postponement and public auctions.


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