Quality and efficiency analysis in the public sector

Project managerFinn Førsund
ClientNorges forskningsråd
Client project no.
ParticipantsDag Fjeld Edvardsen
Sverre A. C. Kittelsen
Period1998 - 2000 (ended)

Project description

Exemption of quality in efficiency- and productivity studies can create a false image of efficincy differences between different units. It’s reason to believe that the bad coverage of the quality aspect prevents both acceptance for and use of efficiency analysis in the public sector. That is why it is need for a thorough theoretic discussion of the quality term, how to (operasjonalisere) and how it is best to accomplish quantification in practice. The project will include: (i) principle clarification of what that is included in the quality conception regarding services, possibilities for operationalation, and so on, (ii) development of DEA for efficiency and productivity when quality variables are included, (iii) concrete use. Knowledge about the sectors, access to data and results from analysis without explicit usage of quality aspects, cause that the project will start with follow-ups of studies we have performed earlier for the "nursing- and care sector"(?!) and for public colleges. This is financed by others (jfr. "Utfyllende opplysninger.." datert 10.9). During the project it will also be natural to study other sectors. We have similar types of problems in the education sector, from elementary school to university, and in the health sector, from the basic health services to hospitals. Other areas can be kinder gardens, careinsitutions, police and courts, military and general administration. We aim to work parallel with the problems (i)-(iii) above, because the interaction between theory and empiricy will be important.


Scientific Journal

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Book chapter

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Other journals

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