The conflict between efficiency and legitimacy

Project managerKalle Moene
ClientNorges forskningsråd
Client project no.
ParticipantsVidar Christiansen
Period1998 - 2000 (ended)

Project description

When it comes to public politics and management, effective arrangements and efforts are often unpopular among the public, but acceptable arrangements can be inefficient. The project tries to integrate political science and economy to understand this conflict between efficiency and legitimacy better. We study principle sides of the interaction between economy and politics by looking at; 1. How the public politics' limits can be most efficiently designed, given that the politics must be supported by the majority in the political competition. 2. The design of welfare arrangements when the level of support is decided trough political elections, 3. How increased economic differences affects the will to redistributing via taxes and transfers, and how actual politics in the principle can be efficient or inefficient.



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Moene, Karl Ove and Michael WallersteinInequality, Social Insurance and Redistribution1999No. 22